Lust List: Everything We Didn’t Get for Christmas

Here I am again, continuing the tireless campaign for consumerism. Sigh. But how can I help loving pretty things and my eternal excitement for presents? We’ll just chalk it up to being cultural. Ha.

Alright anthropologie, there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t slay me. But these little gems hit the nail right on the head. Oomf.

So sparkly, with a little unexpected rough around the edges. Love. Plus I’m trying to expand my accessories. I feel like that’s a constant for most ladies. When are we ever like “No more jewelery, I finally have enough of everything.” Seriously.

This dress blows me away. It’s from myblackdress out of LA and you’ve gotta go click on the link because the back to this is even better than the adorably flattering front. I mean talk about a tiny waist and the A-line that gives every woman glorious hips. Love. I want to wear this shopping, to lunch with my grandma, to dinner with the boy. I’d probably sleep in it too. Not gonna lie.

This is the Palmas Bolero. Hold on a moment while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. I feel like this is one of those wardrobe game changers. It will magically turn all of your (my) basic t-shirts (ya know, the ones you can always justify buying and then wow, how did they become my wardrobe staple?) into something… else. Something fabulously put together, but in that relaxed “oh this old thing?” kind of way. It’s by Zelaya and comes from El Salvador.

Uh oh. It’s another example of my love for giant mother-effing hair accessories. I can’t help it. It’s so easy and so statement making in the same breath. This Ivory Magnolia Headband comes from linzgutz who makes a lot of other amazing hair pieces as well. Lots of good wedding stuff in her shop for anyone who is searching.

I am a sucker for interesting coasters. Sometimes they are the best conversation starters and when no one is using them they make the living room look just that much more polished. I think fun coasters are amazing house warming gifts as well. They are super useful without being predictable. I love the old newspaper background of these paired with the bright colored Victorian furniture. In The Parlor stone coasters are from The Painted Lily.

I have so many more things that I’ve hidden away in my bag of tricks but I think that’s going to be our post holiday Lust List. Happy Shopping! Let me know what you liked and if you snatch anything up in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Lust List: Everything We Didn’t Get for Christmas”

  1. I love those coasters! I’ve realized that i’ve turned into my father (yikes), as i run around wiping up the moisture rings on our coffee table. “No, alex! bad! bad boy! use a coaster!”

    Also, buy those items and then move to chicago so i can steal them from you. That is all.

  2. I absolutely hate you for making me wanna buy so much awesome shit.
    I also absolutely love you for saying things like “my love for giant mother-effing hair accessories”. I have the same mother-effing obsession.

    Also, God, I love that dress. I gasped when I saw the back. However, my boobs would be screaming to come up for air in that tight, all the way to the collar bone, style.

    1. Ya know, I felt the same way but when I went with the girls to try on bridesmaid dresses Kathleen, who is very well endowed, tried one on with a crew neck but a beautiful back and it was surprisingly flattering. We were all shocked! I figured it would just make everyone look like they were choking on their own boob! But as a matter of fact it didn’t. I feel less afraid of trying these types of dresses on now. Even if some of them don’t work. Shocking! 🙂

  3. I so love the idea of big pretty accessories, but I always feel a bit funny wearing them. I’m not quite sure what to do with them I guess. And you’re right, the back of that dress is just as great is the front.

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