Lauren Life List: Wanting to Help You With Yours

A few months ago Kamel got around to writing his very own (short) life list in my Life List Tab. Around this same time he became incredibly invested in helping me cross things off mine (Grand Canyon, honey? LET’S GO TOMORROW!!). He is, in fact, my biggest cheer leader, and sometimes just the right amount of bully I need. Remember surfing? I needed a good kick in the butt on that one.

It wasn’t until I read his life list that I realized wow, I’m going to be going on all of his adventures too. Awesome. Perks of having a life buddy include, but are not limited to: Photograph a sunrise/sunset in a dessert, Prospecting gold, and visiting Mexico City. More to come, I’m sure.

And then of course there is the whole point of the Life List Tab – a place to put your life list, where everyone else can see it, and where other people can chip in to help you achieve your dreams. I had and still have high hopes for that little tab. Grow idea, Grow! But I’ve found it difficult to convince anyone that I can help them do fun things. Which seems odd since Fun is my middle name. It’s goal-accomplishing-fun over here in the Dupuis-Perez household 24/7 people! Jump on the bandwagon and let’s get this party started!

I understand that taking the leap to cross certain things off the list can be difficult, crossing the first thing off of my list was surprisingly scary, yet also surprisingly easy. It’s startling when you make a LIFE list and then have someone say “hey, you wanna do #7 next weekend? I can help with that”. My knee-jerk reaction is always, “uhh maybe. Let me think about it.” Cuz WOAH there! Calm down! I have all the time in the world right? But you don’t. Because life happens, you get busy, opportunities slip through the cracks, and you made that list for a reason.

So let me, or anyone else for that matter, help you cross something off. Being there for someone else’s big or little accomplishment/adventure seems like a pretty amazing gift.

10 thoughts on “Lauren Life List: Wanting to Help You With Yours”

    1. you already are! you have me on your blog roll and you’re helping me out mucho! I’m starting mine and I’m definitely giving you a shout-out on it. πŸ™‚ But if you ever see something that you’re like YES! that’s ME! I can DO! Lemme know! I’ll try to jump on it.

      but more importantly, let me help you on yours! buddy back scratching aww yeeaahh.

  1. EXCELLENT. I love this about finding your person…It’s not just them being along to be your cheerleader…but vice versa and being along for the ride on their highs and lows too…I have been introduced to so much because of Isaiah…things I never would have dreamed of doing without his dreams and spark guiding our lives as well…Best of luck with the list…I’m with Bunny, if there’s anything I can do, let me know!

  2. I realized the greatness of the Life List tab when I looked at yours last week and thought, oh hey! Lauren’s going to Alt! She’s gonna cross one of these off! And I got really excited for you. Even though I don’t know you and (until now) I lurk on this blog.

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