Remember back in the early 2000s when apple had that whole “I Switched” campaign? Ok, so I didn’t really remember either but this will refresh for you.

So yes. For the record, I’m a PC but that’s neither here nor there.

Kamel and I were diving into his old hard drives Sunday evening when he found a spoof video he made when he was 19. NINETEEN! Gah. I begged him to let me show you, so please forgive him for any unPC commentary (ha! ahem…) his 19 yr old self spews about homeless people, we totally understand that they have way bigger fish to fry than personal hygiene.

AH! Now excuse me while I go watch this 500 times and try to piece together the man I currently live with. Poke Poke – Are you in there 19 year old boy? Ri-diculously awesome.

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