Apartment Therapy *Update

I have good news and then bad news and then some good news again. So,  Hooray? Starting and ending on a good note sounds about right. 🙂

Good news: Last Wednesday I had a shower that was actually too hot! I even had to turn the nozzle a tick colder! And so did Kamel! Dare I jinx our newly founded good hot water that has come to us out of the effing blue by saying it might just be fixed?? Dare I?

Bad news: The evening after we got back from Seattle a big wind/rain storm clobbered San Francisco, this subsequently caused the howling and window shaking that usual keeps Kamel and I tossing and turning all night long. If it’s not the noise keeping me up, it’s the startling fear that the window may indeed blow in on us, sending shards of glass flying at my face. Anyway – surprisingly this is not the point of my bad news segment. As I was heading to bed I heard a very weird splashing noise at the window. Like the noise people sometimes make with their mouths when they are imitating the sound of a water droplet. I think Mel Gibson did this on Oprah once. Or am I just sounding like a crazy blabbering woman at this point? So I heard a noise and of course I send Kamel over to investigate because I’m in the covers… at 8:30… reading… And he finds two streams of water running down our wall and leaving stains. Our bedroom window is now leaking from the bottom and the water is being blown so hard into our apartment it’s making splashing noises.

I’m thinking all of that condensation build up that had been increasing over the last few weeks was probably some kind of sign…So we go and retrieve the manager from across the hall and he also discovers that the window has been leaking for a while. And what tipped him off? Oh, just the hardwood floor now being pulled up due to water damage. Awesome.

Goodnews!: The next day Kamel spoke to the landlord and a new window is being ordered. He said it would “take a few days” because it’s an odd size. This means: check back in a few months, then badger me until I actually do it.” In the meantime the manager put caulking all around the window well to seal it off. It has yet to harden because of all the moisture, so we shall see when the next big rain pounds the side of the building. Sigh.

Hint for future apartments: Look for pulled up wood floors around the windows: this means the windows leak. There’s a section in the living room where the floor is also pulled up where the new(er) windows are but I thought it was damage from heavy furniture, not water. Live and learn.

*Also an added bonus of good news: We have been ant-free for the last few weeks. HOORAY!!! Let’s hope 2011 is a lot more bug-free on top of increasing my hot water experiences and cutting down on the drafty howling. Things are starting off well.

9 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy *Update”

  1. Oh, that caulking job is LOVELY. It reminds me of the paint touch up my building’s maintenance guys did. Remind me to send you a picture of that. Ugh.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with all this … but hey, at least you have it documented now! Real problems, not “imagined” ones = results from the landlord. Thank goodness!

  2. Yay for hot showers & ant-free homes. Hopefully it’s a sign that the landlord is starting to pay attention, and the window will be there soon too!

  3. Wow, and I thought I had lived in some problematic homes. Never got that bad!
    Then again, we have tended to have landlords who are complete d*cks when we decide we want to move out… Not so fun either when trying to get your bond back!

  4. At least your landlord is going to fix the problem, that’s something to celebrate, right? And yay for being ant free! That is definitely worth a happy dance.

    We told our landlords back in the summer when they replaced our leaking fridge that our oven is also broken. This was July, it is now January. We have yet to hear back from them. *sigh*

  5. Yes check floor boards and ceilings for water damage. Very important. Where water is leaking can be very easily concealed with a fresh coat of paint.

    Glad that some things are improving. Hopeful that your landlord gets on the leaking window issue. Sending hugs.

  6. He said it would “take a few days” because it’s an odd size. This means: check back in a few months, then badger me until I actually do it.”
    Did my landlord buy a building on the west coast??? 🙂

    We’ve had ceiling leakage problems for some time – in the bedroom (the portion that is underneath the bathroom of the upstairs apartment), and in the living room (near – surprise! the windows), and he’s done very little to remedy it. The ceiling in the bedroom actually collapsed once, but the patchwork job done to fix it really didn’t do much.

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