“Last night I dreamed that I was in this boat and a huge wave was coming toward me and instead of the boat rising up on it, the wave crashed into the boat and broke all the windows and I felt like I was going to get in trouble from ruining the boat…. what did you dream?”

“I dreamed that I was in a pool and we were playing some sort of video game, kind of like the kinect but in the pool. And then Juliette Lewis wanted to have sex with me.”

“What?! Juliette LEWIS?”

“Yeah and she was like ‘take off your clothes for FUCKS sake!’ so I did, and then other people in the pool were getting annoyed with us because we were messing up the game but she thought it was hilarious and I was just kind of doing what she said and when people would complain she would just scream at them ‘shut the FUCK up.’ And when she took her shirt off she had no boobs and this disturbed me.”

“Oh my god that’s the worst dream I’ve ever heard.”

“It was like my subconscious knew that I wanted to do somebody from Whip It, but instead of Ellen Page they were like ‘oh he must mean this one!’ but they got it so so wrong.”

“So so so very wrong.”

12 thoughts on “Whip”

  1. Baaahahah! I literally just laughed OUT LOUD at work! All I can think of when I see Juliette Lewis is when she played in The Other Sister….did you ever see that movie? It was one of those movies that was on TV ALL the time and my friends and I would always be immitating it and cracking up! LOL. And now all I can think about is poor Carla Tate with no boobs. And makeup on only half of her face. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now you HAVE to rent that movie if you dont know what Im talking about. Lol.

  2. Oh my gosh you guys are cracking me up this morning. 1) Olive Juice 2) Only if I lost 30 lbs and that’s no joke!! but Ali you make me smile! 3) Ri-diculous, in the best way.

  3. DUDE. The Ellen Page thing? I totally think you do. So does Jon.

    Her new commercial was on last night and he said “She looks like someone we know. Who is it?” So I pulled up all your lovely pictures (hooray blog!) and he says “Yep. That’s it. WOW they look alike!”

    So there. 30 lbs NOTHING.

    And also … the description of this dream just made my whole month. For serious.

  4. Why Juliette Lewis!? hahaha I would’ve even accepted Kristen Wiig from that movie.

    I’m excited that you look like Ellen Page now. Though, I only see it a little bit, in your face. =)


      I especially love the Aerial shots, I want a cloud print to hang in my bedroom!


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