This Week’s Wears: For Charity

Girlsgonechild is having one last fashion giveaway and because I’ve been such a slacker at doing these – I figured I must. I always have high expectations for myself when it comes to putting together fashion blogs, but it gets difficult when it’s the same jeans and t-shirt variation. Taking photos and talking about it gets a lot harder when inspiration is lacking. “Oh this old thing?” doesn’t really cut it.

I’ve been trying to push my fashion boundaries by wearing things in my closet that I would usually reserve for special occasions and then never wear. I’m trying this new thing where I decrease the amount of clothes I have (ohhh the amounts of goodwill bags still needing to actually GO to the goodwill in the apartment right now…) but increase the amount of clothes I actually wear. This dress was a sale item from Anthropologie. I loved the scoop neck and felt like because it was black I could rock the belt it came with like a champ.

When it arrived in the mail (because online shopping is king), I originally thought I had to take the dress back. I could not for the life of my figure out the belt. How to tie it? How to tie it without looking stupid? It was a fashion team effort over here wrapping and un wrapping, until finally it all just made sense.

That’s right – rocking the newly beloved purple tights from The Gap! I wear this dress with black flats when I go to work. I would love some shoes like this to pair with tights, or boots like these, but you know – money and trees and all that.

In order to make the whole thing a little more work appropriate, I added a cotton bolero from Nordstrom BP. It was a birthday gift from my lovely friend Kathleen. I also have one in cream and they are the easiest, and cheapest way to make dresses “church appropriate” without feeling like a nun.

I’m a little obsessed with turquoise at the moment. Maris and I found this pendant at a street fair in downtown SF. They were $10/2 so I have this one and a big round circle with a hole in the center. I’m doing my best with accessorizing lately. I’m trying to remember to grab a necklace or a cuff before heading out the door. It’s an effort, but I always feel so put together throughout the day when I do.

Now then, are you sick of seeing this purple dress yet? (From Bloomingdales, LipsyLondon – which I’m pretty sure is a slutty teenybopper brand, but i don’t care.)

I’m kind of starting to. So let’s talk about the accessories.

The necklace is from an etsy shop that I cannot for the life of me find right now. I got it a few years ago from Maris because we do this really AWESOME thing called “sneak attack presents”. For whatever reason, and at completely random times we send each other surprises in the mail. I started off by sending her an awesome bag when she was finishing up her first year of law school, and then months later she sent me this necklace. It’s sneak attack because we just… send it. No note, no anything. It just arrives. So I got this package in the mail and opened it up, and thought… “what the fuck, I didn’t order this.” I looked up the order form and indeed it was addressed to me, everything was to me. And in my complete confusion thought “Holy. Shit. Someone has stolen my identity.” Stolen my identity and sent me jewelery? Ok… But then I found the conversation that Maris and I had been having about this said necklace and I called her cracking up at my initial conclusion. I’m always in the market for benevolent crooks. If the internet can help me find this designer I would love to give them a shout-out!

Sparkly tights from The Gap and bow shoes by Me Too at Nordstrom.

Masquerade Mask by a lovely store in the Haight.

Girlsgonechild continues to inspire to make fashion leaps! This week the giveaway is $100 buckaroos to a charity of my choosing (if I win). So let’s put money into fighting breast cancer, as I would not have been able to rock my little purple dress without my boobs. Susan G. Komen for the win!

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Wears: For Charity”

  1. “OMG maris! someone stole my identity!!! they used my credit card and bought some jewelry that i wanted and sent it to my apartment and… wait. nevermind.”

  2. I’ve been trying to break out of my jeans-and-t-shirts rut lately too! Although it’s hard not to want to just trade them in for sweats in the winter…. Those dresses are super-cute though! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Lauren you look AMAZING! I need to start thinking about fashion but I am still at the “I don’t care” phase of the process. One day… 🙂

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