Things, Late November/Early December

I am totally out of things to talk about – except for books apparently. Have you noticed? Unless I get another type of bug infestation, I’m super struggling to come up with content. This happens to me sometimes – I get tired of my own life and I can’t find the funny or interesting. It doesn’t bode well for the blog world. I’m working on it.

I think when I have bad days there is a direct link to the size of my hair. Big hair days = Lauren is chipper and in high spirits humming christmas carols and spreading the love of free cookies to the world. Flat, fly away, or otherwise crap hair days = Lauren wants to hide under the covers, grumbles audibly, and spits at strangers. My hair is a barometer for both weather and moods. Magic.

Speaking of Magic. I saw Harry Potter 7 over the holiday weekend and I have two comments. 1) I could have watched that movie for 5 hours straight, I just want to BE in that little world and I’m a little disappointed that I can’t do magic or that having a wand just makes me a freak and not totally awesome, and 2) Oh my god Emma Watson is so effing hot. And her clothes in the movie make me want burn my entire closet and go shopping.

I am THREE pounds away from my goal weight. And it hasn’t even been that difficult. I ‘m giving mad props to Kamel for being my little weight watchers buddy and for hooking me up with the Kinect. The Kinect is a working-out person’s best friend. I have all of the gym classes I could ever want + a personal trainer + calorie burn tracking and I don’t even have to leave my house or pay for a gym membership! Kamel can make dinner while I sweat it out in kick boxing and then later he can do a cardio personal training class while I work in APW stuff. It has made me exceedingly happy. And toned. Shake Weight can suck it compared to this. Kamel has already commented that I don’t have arm flab any longer. Isn’t he sweet?

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  1. “Oh my god Emma Watson is so effing hot. And her clothes in the movie make me want burn my entire closet and go shopping.”

    I totally had this exact same thought throughout the entire movie! That was one of my only comments when the movie was over- great costumes!
    I, unfortunately, am way more than 3 pounds from my goal weight and I don’t think I could ever be as thin as Emma Watson, but yes please to all of her clothes! And her hair….

    1. Oh for SURE she is way way way tinier than I will ever be or ever want to be. But damn. I wante all of her adorable little sweateres and blouses. Ho hum. Maybe soon to be presents will end up being quite fruitful!

  2. Ah, I want something like the Kinect but we have a PS3…I guess it’s time to start shopping for something similar??
    Congrats on being so close to your goal weight, you’re inspiring me!

    1. My video game producer FH says the PlayStation Move is the closest thing. It’s more like the Wii, but the kinect is one of a kind for the moment. A device that uses your body instead of a controller. Freak-y.

    1. YAY! WW is totally the best weight loss plan I have ever followed. It’s really about educating yourself. The first 2 weeks are the worst and then it gets better. πŸ™‚

  3. Ah! Loved your bit about Harry Potter – I felt the SAME EXACT WAY… I wish I could live in that world all day. So much so that I came home from the movie and instantly began rereading Book 7. πŸ™‚ And I have a slight obsession with Emma Watson (and Kate Middleton) these days. I want Hermione’s red dress from the wedding!

    Congrats on WW – I need some motivation!

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