Little Purple Dress

Last year for Kamel’s company holiday party I wore my senior prom dress. Partly because the theme was “luxury cruise” and the dress fit the bill perfectly… and mostly because I had even LESS money than I have no and couldn’t afford anything new or snazzy. This year when I said outloud that I needed a cocktail dress for the party Kamel’s first response was “Don’t you already have something?” And then he got the look. The look that said shut up! This is my time to play dress up and you can’t take it away from me! Also, if by chance I would like to have a giant beer, there is nothing you can do to stop me.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

But – more about the party. This year the theme was Revel and celebrated the festivals of the world!

Oktoberfest was all about large beer, pretzels, mustard, and sausage. (My best friend, Claire, would have rolled around on the floor with pure JOY over this portion of the party.) Then there was Chinese New Year, some sort of mask ceremony from Africa, Carnival, Mariachis, and air games… but I’m not sure why.

By this point in the evening (see photo above) my feet were hurting so badly I kept asking Kamel in my most pathetically sad party-pooper voice “Can we just go home now?” He kept shaking his head and mumbling “I KNEW I should have grabbed your flats regardless of how much you said you were wearing heels and that was final! UGH!” I did manage to wander around for a minute in my stocking feet, but the ground was… um… precarious by that point and my ick factor won out over my massive discomfort.

Did I mention that Kamel had a photo in the art contest portion of the party? Where I was the total star of the shot? It was taken in Yosemite a few days after our engagement. How meta is me in a picture next to me …. in a picture? Trippy. I had to dive next to the photo before more people came to crowd around and examine it. I think the best part (besides seeing all of my favorite people at Lucas) was watching strangers approach the photo and really appreciate it for a minute. It took all my sobriety to not scream “That’s Kamel’s picture!! Right here! He took that! He’s standing right next to me!!… I know him!” So two points for not being a total embarrassment.

And then Kamel danced with me… and the whole time we were both wondering out loud what the eff we were going to do at our wedding, because hooo boy, does that man lack rhythm. He makes up for it in adorableness and effort, but wow. It’s impressive.

Then we went home, and the next day I did not have a hangover, and that my friends is party in a purple dress success.

16 thoughts on “Little Purple Dress”

  1. Ugh, I too am starting to get worried about that whole “dancing at the wedding thing.” Even if we had the time/money/inclination to take classes, I don’t think that would help. We’re hopeless. Let me know if you come up with some sort of epiphany for the rhythmically-challenged…

    1. You don’t dance at a wedding…you hold each other lovingly, snuggling up close without keepin’ Jesus between you, and sway. It’s nice.
      And anyone who judges you for how you dance at a wedding needs to be punched in the gooch.

      1. We did that. And I will admit I was whispering to Eric the whole time that it would be over soon. And it was. And the pictures look like we are having some amazing time that I do not remember.

  2. You look gorgeous! What a beautiful dress!

    And also, what a fun holiday party! Parties with Roger’s company always involve the same roast chicken (we saw his boss’s freezer is literally filled with them), and mine are just 2 hours of an open bar. They’re always great, but there’s usually not much in the way of dress up involved.

  3. Fun! I’m sad I never to to try the sausages, but the chinese food was killer! You did look amazing!

    You left out walking past George, so close that you could’ve rubbed him, hahaha.

  4. yeeeeeeessssssssssss I WOULD HAVE DIED about the sausages and mustard and beer and pretzels!! you know me well 🙂 hehehehe that dress is a WINNER 🙂 and what a great holiday party story! kamel, i know him! hahha

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