Adventure-ing: Take More Fashion Risks

I am insanely guilty of being that guy who has a shit ton of “basics” and just rocks the t-shirt and tank top and jeans style 24/7. Get me into a work environment? Black/grey slacks, flats, white vneck under a snazzy Ann Taylor Loft Jacket. I like bright colors, and I know what fashion looks like, so I’m not a total boring dresser, but I often play it safe. Well I don’t FEEL safe on the inside! I feel like a renegade (a subtle renegade)! I feel like a dynamo! I feel like maybe I could own a few signature looks that people go “Ooo” and “wow!” when they see me. And in order to do that, I need to take more fashion risks. And last night, I took a baby step with Tights.

They were having a buy 2 for 20 bucks thing at The Gap. And I kind of needed some tights for a short dress I’m wearing to Kamel’s Holiday Party. I was thinking black. Because of course I was. But when I got to the tights area I saw patterns! and sparkles! and holy shit it’s the holidays let’s go big or go home!

Complete with bow shoes.

And then I reached for another black pair, this time with a herringbone pattern. See? I’m BRANCHING OUT. Except Kamel did not agree and he wanted me to get a matte purple pair. That kid is gaga for purple. I’m not such a fan… although most of my formal dresses in high school were purple, and the cocktail I just bought is a bright lavender-esque, go figure.

So I opted for the purple herringbone instead. Ba-Bam! A pattern AND a color. When will I wear these tights? I’m not sure. Probably with a dress? Because that’s how most tights are worn? Yes? I don’t think I can totally get down with the whole baggy shorts + tights thing because I think I’d look stupid. But maybe  a grey dress? or a black dress? or something?

The point is, I’m going there. I’m buying the purple, sparkly, herringbone tights. And buying them with purpose! And it’s up to you – faithful readers – to help me not forget about them in my sock drawer, to find outfits for them, and shoes (don’t forget about the shoes). I have a feeling this is just the fashion risk beginning.

21 thoughts on “Adventure-ing: Take More Fashion Risks”

  1. I feel like tights are the quickly and easiest way to jazz up an outfit sometimes. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts and sometimes get a little bored of wearing the same things day in and day out. But playing with tights is a good way to have some fun. I like going to TJ Maxx or Filene’s Basement to get cheap designer tights.

  2. Hooray! Tights! One of my favorite things about winter…

    And yet, and yet … I don’t own many. Least of all in bright colors. Hmm … maybe it’s time to get on that. The patterns though … let’s just say Jon had to forcibly walk me out of Banana Republic when I realized they were on sale. (Herringbone! Stripes! Little bitty checks! All in safe colors, which makes them totally acceptable at stupid business formal work!)

    Hmm … maybe I can sneak back there tonight while he’s busy…

  3. So I saw a girl yesterday walk by my office, she had a grey skirt on-i think it was pencil-like- with a cute black top and a black pea coat, rocking the purple tights, with black high boots that stopped below her knees. Super cute!!Love it, Rock it!

  4. Lauren, love the tights. I am a tights, cute dress, cardigan, boot uniform kinda gal (though nearly all my dresses involve shades of grey…). Now I need heringbone tights.

    And yay for your soon to be visit to Utah. Those purple numbers better be in attendance, missy.

  5. I <3 tights! One of the best things about winter. In addition to the scarves. And hats. As much as I am a summer girl, winter definitely holds more fashion opportunities.

  6. YES! I’m 100% behind the choice! I went through a maroon tights phase once, with which I wore a short black dress, black boots, and a big puffy vest and i felt like a rockstar every time I wore it. Way to go! (And the great thing about being in SF is that you can take all sorts of fashion risks because half the city is taking them too!)

  7. I love your tights… and I agree that your LEGS look GREAT in them. Also I love the pic of you mid air… Kamel, way to GO!

    p.s. my problem with tights is always the tops of them, my stomach hates them and gets angry… thus the tights I own do not get worn…

    1. eeeeeeee! I love when Kathleen comments on my blog. 🙂 These tights actually go Up! and Over! any belly i may or may not have. ahem. (I have) so they don’t cut me all funny which would be very bad in a fitted dress. And since you’re so tiny, I bet tights (vs leggings which WILL seriously cut you in a weird place on the tummy) MIGHT actually work.

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