I had all of these amazing posts planned for this week. Including a new Lust List (ya know, for everything we didn’t get over the holidays), looking ahead to 2011 (all my hopes and dreams so you can categorically watch me fail…. jokes!), a book review, and even a photo montage!

But then I realized that no one is reading blogs right now! Everyone is too busy nursing food hangovers, the need for a vacation after a vacation, and the unmentionable mountain of laundry that has descended over your my house. I mean really, is the internet even on? Is the person controlling the flow of information stuck in an airport on the east coast somewhere? Who’s flying this plane anyway? Buehler? Is that even how you spell Buehler?

So you’ll just have to wait for those juicy tidbits until after New Years. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “December”

  1. Ummm i became addicted to Words With Friends last weekend, AND got a Kindle for Xmas, and i STILL found time to read blogs, including yours! =D I even figured out how to read all my fave blogs on my kindle! Yay right?! Cant wait for our next cocktail night!! Xoxo <3

    1. You figured out how to read blogs on your KINDLE?!! I got mine last christmas and it was a subscription service for internet stuff… Do you still have to pay a monthly fee for that?

  2. Hey, I thought I was the only one browsing the interwebs! I too have lots of posts and ideas stored up… but I feel like I have to wait until the regulatory 3rd of Jan, when magically everyone will return!

  3. Eehhh, I’m checking the google reader, but just barely. And posting? Pffft. Waaaaaay to much effort for me. I’m still in the holiday coma, and I will leave only when I’m forced to do so, thankyouverymuch.

    Also . . . blog reading on the kindle? Shut UP. I just got one for Christmas, so I’m still figuring out how to deal with it. As in, I’ve got a pile of books on one side and the Kindle on the other and I’m not sure where to go. ’tis a toughie!

    (*ahem* . . . Bueller . . . heh.)

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