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Seeing all of these amazing vendors on APW getting paid to be creative, and also able to share their art with so many other people got me thinking: why don’t I do that? I’ve been posting a few excerpts of the things I’m working on from my Saturday writing dates with Margaret, and the feedback seems pretty good. Then I asked twitter that if I put a chap book together and charged some monies, would people pay? I got enough yes’s to push the project into planning mode.

So, I’m proud to announce a coming soon of my very first Chap Book! It will include 3 stories that I am currently working on. My goal for the little book is for it to be a work of art, something that is, indeed, as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. (Cheeeeese!) I want it to be something to add to a collection of lovely literary journals (a little thinner, maybe, but still just as lovely), and I want to be able to share my stories with a wider audience.

You’ll be able to buy these books via the blog starting sometime after the holidays (I’m aiming for Jan or Feb) – I still need to finish writing one story and edit the other two to make them worthy of being out in public, also design the whole shebang and get some stock – so you know, that’s a rough estimate. ha.

Thank you so much, my lovely readers, for your continued support. I would certainly lack the motivation to push and stretch myself if it weren’t for your awesome cheer squady-ness.

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  1. Hooray! This is so bold, it makes me anxious-excited for you! Can’t wait to have stories by Lauren on my metaphorical coffee table 🙂

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