All I Want For Christmas

Did you ever have that one thing that you kept putting on your Christmas List, Birthday Lists, Etc that you just never ever got? Like maybe it was that elusive pony or a Barbie Dream House, or one of those pow-pow-power wheels.

I was an only child with no cousins, and although I was not a spoiled brat I pretty much wanted for nothing when it came to presents. I pretty much got what I asked for and that was the end of it. There were no tantrums on the floor or anything like that, Christmas was awesome and that’s all there is to it.

But there was one thing that I continued to add to my list for at least 3 years (which is eternity in kids attention span time) and I never ever got it: A jean jumper.

Could I have told you what exactly it was? No. Could I have told you why I craved it so badly? No. All I knew was that not having it was the reason my 9, 10, 11 year old wardrobe was failing miserably. It was the key to my success, my popularity, my fashion ease. It was both stylish and care free, it was everything I wanted to be. I realize that rhymes… and in my child hood head everything was lyrical and world made sense. Except for my lack of jean jumper.

In hindsight the continued disappointed of never receiving the jean jumper was most likely a blessing in disguise. I’m sure a pair of overalls with the crotch undone to create a skirt really wouldn’t have been my crowning fashion moment.

What did you want but never get as a child? It’s funny what people remember longing for as a kid, especially now that we’re all old enough to pretty much buy whatever we want for ourselves. Kamel always wanted a SuperSoaker 300 with the duel tank water backpack. I hear him whining about it even as a I type. Apparently it goes for $300 on Ebay. Oh the agony.

20 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas”

  1. SuperSoaker 300!!!!!!!! Kamel you are a fiend. I remember that one from way back and it looked sooooo sick, I wanted it suuuper bad too. I think we all had 150’s for a while, and eventually mine broke. Some family members went together on a birthday present for me to get me a 200, which was INSANE. No backpack, but dual cylinders at the front, it was GROSS.

    I love how they always only sortof worked – the air suction was always meager at best. Haha.

    Awesome times!

    1. OMG I also had the 100, which was the greatest toy ever! And then I got the 200 with the dual tanks. But when the 300 came out, my parents stopped getting me high powered water guns. Boo!

      And yes, they sorta worked but I felt badass holding one. haha.

      I remember the 100 had a thing where you could pump up the tank and then when it was fully pressurized, you could untwist it and the tank would shoot out! ha! Super Soaker Missle!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! I want to get that Super Soaker 300 right now!

    Things I never got:

    1. A Ghostbusters Proton Pack. ALWAYS WANTED THIS!
    2. A Powerwheels Vehicle. Pow pow powerwheels, now you’re driving for real!!
    3. Battletoads on NES. I never played it to this day!
    4. The above mentioned Super Soaker 300. =( Maybe I can get for the Cancun honeymoon trip? hehe
    5. Nikelodeon Moon Shoes!

    I should make a goal in 2011 to get all this crap and satisfy my repressed childhood.

    1. yes to the Powerwheels! Although, I wanted the Barbie Pink Powerwheels….

      Considering I still can’t seem to walk without running into doorways, I’d say it was a good call by my parents to not supply me with more ways to crash – but bittersweet nonetheless.

      1. I had a power wheels as a kidd – We got it a garage sale. And I used to drive around the backyard (as a 5,6 year old) with my winter hat pulled down over my eyes cracking UP and terrorixing the dog and running into trees. It was the best thing EVER. I want one now but I think they are called “golf carts”.

  3. LOL. All I wanted when I was 13 was a denim vest. To me, they were apparently the epitome of fashion. I begged, I pleaded, to no avail. To this very day I have never, ever worn a denim vest.

    Thank the gods!

    1. hahahahahaha this is exactly it – whhhy did we get these things stuck in our heads? But then again – I’m currently on the hunt for a very *particular* pair of shoes which I can’t seem to find anywhere in my price range, and who knows if 5 years from now I’m going to be all “thank god I never found THOSE hideous tragedies!”

  4. Hungry, Hungry Hippos was one of my things, so my now-husband insisted we add it to our wedding registry to make up for this childhood injustice. We got it from his 4-year old nephew, and in 16 months of marriage have played it once.

    I also completely coveted the “Betty Crocker dual-temp microwave oven.” (The Easy Bake Oven’s formal catalog name, maybe? Or the competitor of the EBO?)

  5. A baby sister.

    Seriously; when we sent letters to the paper for Santa, I wrote him for a baby sister, a pink corvette or a keyboard since I could have piano lessons.

    I eventually got a keyboard.

    I’m still pissed.

    1. I also really wanted a baby sister. I would have settled for a brother even. Never got one, even though I asked every single year.

  6. My 9, 10, and 11-year-old self wanted nothing more than to go to a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert! I even drew pictures of myself crying about not going, and left them on the dinner table for my mom to feel guilty about.

    A few years later, I was so glad that my mom had the good sense and limited finances to ignore my pleas, and guilt-drawings. New Kids on the Block were so not cool anymore.

    But now enough time has passed, that they’re a little retro. And I think it would have been cool to have at least experienced that Tacoma Dome spectacle once.

  7. Ooooooh! A BABY G WATCH!!!
    I mean I was seriously obsessed, all of my friends had one, EVERYONE had one but me! I really don’t have the hands for a huge plastic watch, so my mother never even considered it. I got tons of faux-watches, smaller in size, but they were just never the same…
    I was shopping for my 10 year old cousin and saw one last week…those things are hideous!

    1. OH! and an easy bake oven! Both my sisters got one, broke them and to this day I’ve never even eaten the product of one.


  8. A Light Bright!! To this day, whenever I watch ELF and I see him make that Welcome Santa display from Light Bright’s my heart aches a little. Hmm…i bet i could find one on Amazon. A “welcome santa” light bright display in my house would be AWESOME.’s a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Seriously, if I hear one more person say that it’s something that I can’t have until I get married and put it on a wedding registry my head might explode. I saw some sweet deals on Black Friday for those babies…and next year – it’s mine, married or not! 😉

  9. A chemistry set. I wanted one so bad. So, so bad. Or the little archeology dig sets. I never got either, or really any science toys for that matter. I got Barbies & Caggage Patch dolls instead. Much to my mum’s dismay it did not turn me into a girly-girl.

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