2005 Lauren

I wanted to post an old blog post from a few years ago today, but I couldn’t find any that really tickled my fancy. So instead I found photos. My college roomate, Amy, (HI AMY!) and I playing in the snow in Illinois outside of our old apartment – probably my most favorite apartment to date, the last place I really felt like Yes. This is home.

Ohhh Illinois, you crazy crazy place. I still miss you.

10 thoughts on “2005 Lauren”

    1. i was totally skoffed at about wanting to play in the snow in college. Everyone else was waay over it by the time I came around. But whatever! I still get excited at the IDEA that it MIGHT snow. eeee! …. not that it is in SF, but a girl can dream….

  1. Pretty!!

    Life stops in Texas when it snows.
    Hell, when it rains, people get nervous about the wet stuff falling from the sky…

  2. Those are the kind of Illinois snows that I look forward to (even going into my 4th winter here). The single digit weather that we’ve been having lately? No thanks.

  3. No fair posting up such gorgeous snowy photos on day 10 of my snow watch. We still have nothing, nothing!, here which is really bumming me out. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend I am there with you in the picture.

  4. Hi Lauren! Haha, that was a great time. I was JUST thinking about that apartment this morning before I read this and how much I loved it. We were so spoiled! Being able to watch TV while cooking? Amazing.

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