Sci Fi For The Win!

So I’ve been doing my weekend writing on projects that are make believe with Margaret. Also known as Lauren-gets-to-eat-a-muffin-day! I have been frequenting the coffee shops and not checking in with Weight Watchers about it. OH THE SHAME (and delight!). But of course, I’m making these Saturday outings for the WRITING, not for the scones (and the tea)… of course.

A few weeks ago Kamel forwarded me a link that one of his friends had sent him about a writing contest promoting global climate awareness. I’d have to scrounge around for the link somewhere in my Gchats so hopefully I can find it before the contest comes due in December, but I couldn’t help but want to rise to the occasion! Especially with my avid love for Margaret Atwood and her current series (Oryx and Crake, Year of the Flood) that tackles just that. I’ve never done any sci-fi before, but I do know the way to write a good piece of fiction is by writing good, plausible characters, and not getting swept up and carried away by the details of the setting. Although, in Sci-fi those have to be pretty effing good too. I’m sure there will be thousands and thousands of entries, but I’m on track to finish it all up and send it off by the deadline, so here’s hoping.

And here is a little sample of what I’m working on. Ya know, to keep me honest.

When it was really hot Ellis slept with her bedroom door open, and when she slept with her bedroom door open she could hear her father’s snores echoing down the hall. On nights when her father’s snores kept her awake, she could also hear the rats sifting through the compact garbage outside, burrowing deeper, more complicated paths of tunnels. Lice had begun to be a major nuisance. Ellis scratched at her left leg with her right foot, her face smished into her pillow, then kicked off her sheet altogether and rolled onto her back. She pounded the mattress with her fist and groaned into the night, “It’s too fucking hot.” Her air purifier gently buzzed in the corner, trying to keep the toxins outside and the good air inside. It worked well enough to keep her from developing asthma. She was lucky to not be born with it.

If I win anything, I’ll let you know. Ha. Fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “Sci Fi For The Win!”

  1. I just bought The Year of the Flood! I loved Oryx and Crake. It’s next on my ever growing pile of “to reads.”

    Liked the excerpt. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I adore Margaret Atwood.

    I really like this excerpt. You paint an intriguing picture of what this unknown world looks like. I definitely would like to read more.

  3. a little late to this party but love the excerpt! also I’m going to adopt “smish” into my vocabulary, I hope it’s ok. I will site you as the source on every occasion.

  4. Where have you been all of my life? Besides inside my brain? I feel the same way about Margaret Atwood, baked goods, and skipping a few… erm… weeks of WW tracking.

    I found you through APW and maybe we chatted some at the book club? Just thought I’d mention that because otherwise I’d feel like a creepy stalker or something.

    Also also, some of the best sci-fi (if you can even call it that) I’ve read has only very subtle differences from reality. Like The Time Traveler’s Wife. Everything’s the same except the one dude bounces around in time and space. Totally normal! Also made me cry my eyes out. In a good way.

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