Office Chatter

Maris: 2.5 hours left …. so hungry…

Me: I’m bored and I don’t want to work here anymore. Wahhhh!!! Let’s run away!

Maris: Hahaha I was thinking more along the lines of “let’s rob a bank!” That way we’d be rich AND get to stay in one place!

Me: Called Prison?

Maris: Psh, we’re smart, we wouldn’t’ get caught. Besides, I’ve worked at a bank. I’ve got it covered.

Me: Do you think this conversation can go on my blog?

Me: Also – I’m pretty sure you just said every single bank robber’s final hubris.

Maris: haha sure. but here’s the difference between us and other bank robbers- we are really wily. If cheerleaders can do it (see sugar and spice) we can do it.

Me: Have you evener seen Csi? We both shed like mother fuckers.

Maris: We may shed, but they can’t prove ANYTHING with that hair! Not only are we not in the system (ahem), tons of people WITH HAIR go in that bank every day!

Maris: You can’t got nothin on me coppa!

Me: How is it even remotely possible that you are actually succeeding at convincing me of this?? You have untapped evil powers.

Maris: You are the pinky to my brain.

*Note: My parents, after reading this blog were afraid that someone in the real world (Hello real world) would think we were actually going to rob a bank and then, ya know, throw us in jail for conspiracy to commit a felony. Unfortunately we are both WAY too law abiding for that, and all i have for you are the frustrated musings of office rats. Besides, I’m not stupid enough to just go on blabbing about my crimes before I do them, right?

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  1. Regarding the above addendum…. don’t forget that I am, in fact, a lawyer. Not that lawyer’s can’t rob banks, but (and this is where my point from above comes in) we’d be way too tricky to get caught. Just sayin’.

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