More Books!

I have 4 new books up on the sidebar today! And thank you to the people who made purchases last week! Don’t be shy on letting me know how you liked the books or why you gifted in them in comments or in email!

Lately I’ve been staring at the pile of my own books and feeling terribly guilty about not having time to read them. I’m currently carrying around Honored Guest, a collection of short stories by Joy Williams (author of The Quick and The Dead) in my purse and I’m about 1/2 way done, although I should have finished weeks ago.

I find it incredibly difficult to focus so much of my time on writing AND reading. It’s a little bit of one or the other at the moment. In a perfect world I wouldn’t waste the good hours of the day slaving away in an office, and I’d have time to do plenty of both, but gotta pay the bills! Oh, if 15 year old Lauren could read that line now – she would be shocked! A starving (read: temping) artist I certainly had no intention of becoming, that’s for sure.

But that’s beside the point – 4 new books for you to check out this week! All a little different. This time around not every author is living, but every book is, if that makes sense. The stories this week are vibrant, cry-inducing, fascinating pieces of literature. Make sure to check out my comments on each – Warning – I tend to gush. Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “More Books!”

  1. Awesome! I always love a good book recommendation. And holy ballz…The Time Traveler’s Wife totally got to me in a way I was not expecting. Pretty sure I was a sobbing mess at the end of that book because I fell in love with the characters so much!

  2. I LOVE that one of the books you’re recommending is DeLillo’s White Noise. My graduate adviser recommended it when I was working on my master’s thesis in computer-mediated communication, and it blew my mind!!!!!! I’m also a big fan of DeLillo’s The Body Artist, and have been meaning to read Cosmopolis.

  3. Great picks!

    Moral Disorder reminds me a lot of my relationship with my sister, and I read it while I was backpacking, and so it holds many memories for me. The writing is lovely, and concise, and it’s so beautiful when writing manages to be both those things at once.

  4. Oh! The Time Traveler’s Wife! I have read and re-read that book for years now. I read it again most recently when I moved to France without my honey and we began a long period of long-distance. And then I couldn’t feel so bad for myself, because at least I knew when I would see him again whereas poor Claire — when oh when would she see Henry again?!

    Have you seen the movie? In my personal opinion, it was not as good (and I don’t think movies are basically ever as good as the novel they were based on) but I think they got some things delightfully right.

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