Lust List: Stay Warm Weather Wear

I can’t help loving big coats and and hats and scarves (ok, so I don’t actually understand how to wear that last one, but maybe that discussion is for another day). I love winter time accessories! Summer makes me feel naked and like every roll and dimple is hanging out for the world to see. BUT WINTER! Winter covers me all up in amazing fabrics and chic little details. So let’s go shopping.

This is a kick ass ear warmer with a peony flower embellishment. In the center of the flower are Swarovski Crystals! I just drooled on myself a bit. It’s adorable! And found at Snugglebugkidz etsy shop.

This is a perfect example of a hat I wish I could wear, but even if I owned I wouldn’t. I’m bad at accessories. Maybe one day I’ll be able to figure it all out. But in the meantime you can take advantage of it. I love the extreme droopyness of it and how it looks so heavy and well made. Warm and effortlessly stylish. Natalya is from Las Vegas. Where it is sometimes cold? In the winter times? Who knew.

I want to have a baby JUST SO I can put them in this hat. Until they grow out of it, then I’m going to make another baby just so I can keep using the hat. Baby Trojan from Short Army? Yes please.

This is a jacket by Little Houses. The designer is from Canada and I swoon over her designs. Soon. I have THIS jacket (it looks better on me than the model… ahem) and really, really, really, really, REALLY want THIS jacket. More than… my car? I dunno. A lot. I love her style, her accidentally on purpose mussy look. The rugged, feminine of it all. Plus she’ll custom make her jackets for you if you don’t match the size measurements all that well (hello ladies with small ribs and big boobs! or broad shoulders and skinny arms!).  That’s right CUSTOM. So go buy presents for people! Maybe they need to stay a little warmer than they currently are. Brr.

7 thoughts on “Lust List: Stay Warm Weather Wear”

  1. I want the Shakespeares Sister coat. In green. WOW. And I was thinking about how I needed a hat this morning! And a big slouchy one would be nice as it may not mess up my hair as much. HMMM.

  2. I think your family and friends just scored BIG time on this post for Xmas!! PS, right there with you on the adorable droopy crochet beanie look, they are sooo cute, and everytime I see it on someone i think…i am buying that tmrw…then i try one on for the millionth time and NOPE…dang it! Looove the jacket too! WITH the riding boots! 😉

  3. Just had to get some windex and a paper towel to wipe the drool off my screen. I could prob never pull off that cute head thing with the flower, but I WANT. And I also NEED, er, want those boots in that last pic.

  4. Hmmm. That earwarmer would probably look doofy on me (I do doofy really well, trust me) but I also think I wouldnt’ care. I’d be all, “Yeah I look dumb but its a GIANT FLOWER. I win.”

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