Hot Mess

Kamel had to fly to Miami last Tuesday for a family emergency and I encouraged this.

“It will be fine, you have to go. I can’t come, but everything will be fine here. Trust me. I’ll hold down the fort!”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Are you kidding me? I did survive before YOU came around,” I said.

And then he left and I tried to find my way home via the bus (it’s a new office, an area I’m not familiar with… yet) and I couldn’t find the stop! I wandered around for 40 minutes , 30 of which were in a very annoying misty rain. Smart phones only help when you know how to look stuff up. Ahem.

Wednesday started off with a tickle in my throat and wearing a shirt backwards all day long. I only noticed it when I was headed to bed. Oof.

And then Thursday I knew I was sick. Really, world? I can’t just have a normal week by myself while Kamel is in Miami dealing with his family? I can’t just keep it together and mind my own business? I have to get the worst flu I’ve had in years! Which means no work on Friday, and no leaving the house since the one time I went to Walgreens to buy more tissue and hand sanitizer. Awesome.

I’m still here. On the couch. Not at work. Trying not to speak too much lest I cough up a lung. Taking naps and my temperature at normal intervals. I am a disgrace to independent women everywhere! Mah Man leaves and then I completely fall apart. And then he has to sweep in and find me laid up, a total mess without him. Sigh. It reminds me of the time my dad went on a business trip and my mother – THE most fiercely independent woman I’ve ever known – was left to handle things for a week. And what happened? The dog ate rancid salmon and shit all over the house. I mean ALL OVER the house. Why does the universe wait for these perfect moments where we are at our most vulnerable? It’s a fun little stress test, I’m sure.

And now Kamel is back in town, force feeding me water and tylenol. And thank god for my buddy. Being sick is the WORST when you’re by yourself.

7 thoughts on “Hot Mess”

  1. Praise the Lord! I’m not alone in my patheticness.
    I swear I’m the worst patient ever because wow am I a whiner! It’s like all the kickass, independent chick in me takes a vacation & I’m left with my dark, lightheaded, needy (but still stubborn) self…
    I’m sorry you’re still feeling awful! Stop fighting it & take a nap lady!

  2. Guh, I feel your pain . . . I’m just getting over “a bit of tonsilitis.” I waited to go to the doctor because I thought it was a normal sore throat (even though I made a comment to himself a couple of days into it that it didn’t really feel like a normal sore throat), so it was fairly nasty. Anyway, this is all just to say that I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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