I have never been as excited for Halloween as I was this year. Never. I don’t like people in masks, I don’t like the characters at Disneyland, I don’t like clowns. I am especially afraid of gorilla suits. Dressing up stresses me out – I feel like everyone has a great costume idea and magically knows where to find all of the accessories to make it PERFECT, where I usually have no clue what to be, and then the day rolls around and I’m left with whatever I can find in my closet, so I wear pajamas and eat candy at home.

But this time I got to eat Candy at the Lucas Halloween Party. And that was a lot better than just feeling guilty about the bag of kitkats being gone while picking off bits of fallen chocolate from my sweat pants at home.

Kamel was Buzz Light Year and I was a fairy princess (what are you, little girl? a ballerina? NO! I’m a FAIRY PRINCESS!!). It was awesome. I felt totally comfortable and a lot like I was wearing pajamas – just this time they were in pubic and not in front of the TV – and they were covered in glitter.

And although there were a room full of people dressed in various costumes, most of them were really fun and not scary at all, just clever. Plus Kamel’s awesome friends were there (who are totally my friends too, I’m calling it RIGHT now) and they kept me very entertained and distracted from the scary people.

(This post has a lot more pictures than I usually do, so this time I’m going to use a jump – but keep reading!)

And then of course there were the babies (as this was def a family affair):

I don’t think there is anything cuter than a dancing baby in a mouse costume, or a little kid wearing a dragon suit. This is a pro-reproduction ad if I ever saw one.

And then my favorite costume of the night…. Justin motherfucking Beiber:

And look everyone!!! A double rainbow!

It’s so refreshing to go to a party where the point is not to be the sexy stripper cop or the sexy cat or the sexy fireman or a million other lame outfits that only serve the purpose of getting laid. The costumes at this party only served the purpose of being AWESOME.

Plus there was beer. And it was free.

Happy Halloween everyone! Now let’s go capture every kid we see and put them in a teddy bear suit.

8 thoughts on “Halloween!”

  1. Ahhh, I wanted to be Max this year but came up with the idea too late to find/make a costume in time. Looks like you had a great time, awesome.

  2. omigosh that party looks rocking! and your costume is FANTASTIC!

    now the question is….is he keen for your beer or your boobs?

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