Giving of the Thanks

This is a little late since all of the Thanksgiving hoopla has come to a close (except for maybe leftovers? I hear someone out there (ahem) has a lot of leftover mashed potatoes to deal with). Over on this end, curled up in the little apartment with a view of the ocean, we spent Thanksgiving wishing to see family back home, watching movies, and eating dinner rolls with jam. And Apple pie. Because when you’re a grown up (debatable) and not with family, you can do whatever you want on Thanksgiving. So over a 3 day period I finished a can of black olives straight out of the can, sprayed whip cream directly into my mouth, and ate pie straight out of the Safeway box. Hells Yes.

Sunday, while we ate lunch at the Olive Garden (helloooo unlimited salad and bread sticks!), I realized we had not taken the time to give a proper thanks. (you mean this holiday is not only about food?)

So here it is, a little late but a lot well meaning:

– Best friends who stand in for sisters
– Finding my buddy in Kamel
– A solid soon-to-be extended family
– Good health
-Finding emotional evenness in my life
– Books
– My parents
– Writing buddies

I hope your weekend was full of good food, family and low on the drama. The Holidaze are upon us!

6 thoughts on “Giving of the Thanks”

  1. O.K. So we had way too many potatoes to mash and now I am ready to do the only thing that is possible. Gnocchi making for Christmas Dinner. And you know that I can.
    I only wish that you and K could have been with us during the eat fest. It just wasn’ t the same without you.

  2. Next year, you should move to Texas. Then I can bring y’all with us to Graham and Grammy can stuff you full of turkey, taters and dressin’. And then there’s pie. Lots and lots of pie.
    Just sayin’…

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