Fashion: This Week’s Wears

Over at Girlsgonechild (a blog I have read for YEARS and a blogger I totally, crazy person admire) Rebecca is playing a fun game that ends with a give away (free!) and I want to play. She’s doing this whole “challenge yourself to wear awesome clothes and let’s celebrate fashion” thing. It’s called “Good Wear Days” and once a week she posts a few of her normal, every day outfits. She’s on Week Three and I’ve been too shy to play until now. Seeing Rebecca’s outfits has me wishing I understood how to thrift, lusting after anthropologie legwear, and playing dress up with all of the clothes I have, but never wear on the daily because …. I don’t feel like I know how!

So this week I’m entering the give away because I really really want that amazing black clutch by Ellington. I want. I NEED. And one of these days I’m BOUND to win something on the internet, right?

So on Thursday I wore one of my favorite outfits right now:

The yellow plaid shirt was on sale at anthropologie a few months ago and I was pretty stoked when it actually fit my boobs. Usually shirts with buttons pull and gap and I hate them. The cami underneath it is from hinge at nordstrom. They come in a million colors, last for years, and smooths out any shirt. I swear by these.

Jeans are Sevens trousers (I love when my jeans pool a bit at the floor) from about two years ago, and my shoes are BC flats also found at Nordstrom (I have them in butter-cream too!). Yay Thursday clothes!

On friday I tried to mix it up a bit.

Same jeans and same shoes, but this time I wanted to figure out a new way to wear a little sailor inspired jacket I can NEVER quite master. This is another anthropologie sale section find, purchased about a year and a half ago. I’m a sucker for little jackets.

I usually wear it with a longer cream shirt, and then button it all up. This time I wanted a more layered look so I paired it with an old scoop neck, purple, 3/4 sleeved shirt I bought at Delias (I know, DELIAS) like, 5 years ago. The jacket kept me warm, and made me feel a lot more dressed, but also felt fresh and not too stuffy for my casual office. Winner!

Yay weekly wears! Now I post this blog link into the comments over at Girlsgonechild and hope that the gods choose me! Maybe I’ll even do another of these next week (and then you’ll have seen my entire wardrobe… wah wahh….).

8 thoughts on “Fashion: This Week’s Wears”

  1. Ahhh looove friday’s outfit! Now I’m looking at the comfy clothes I packed for this weekend mad at myself for not trying harder. ….sigh… See you in an hour? hah

  2. Why thank you lovelies! šŸ™‚ Everyday it’s a struggle not to just throw on jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe one day I can conquer the makeup counter…

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