WW Sucess!

I have been battling some FIERCE pms this week. It’s weird how some weeks you can be totally fine, like “oh, is that my… period calling? how quaint!” and other weeks it’s like “I’m going to rip of your head and spit in your neck if you tell me to calm down ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKING TIME SUCKA!” And yesterday was a rough day. The kind of rough day where on the drive home I thought, “Eff Weight Watchers! And screw Dinner! I’m going straight to walgreens  and gorging on oreos.”

When I got to the apartment, though, their was a package containing my leotard and tights for my Halloween costume (fairy princess… still awaiting my adult tutu). So I tried on the slightly ridiculous white leotard, trying to figure out if the tights go inside? or outside? I am still unsure… but when I yanked that onesie up and over my hips and looked in the mirror, I was SHOCKED at how GOOD it looked. Not to toot my own horn (Ok i’m tooting), but damn! I’m finally starting to see that being hungry and counting points is beginning to pay off! And as I pranced around in my ridiculous 1/2 Halloween costume, there was no way I was headed to the Oreo kingdom! I wasn’t about to go backwards and ruin all of the hard work I’ve been doing. Instead, I was headed to do laundry, and while the laundry was doing what it does, I walked up hills, did lunges, sweating, etc. And I felt awesome about my choice! I had a total Weight Watchers moment.

5 thoughts on “WW Sucess!”

  1. Hooray!! Congrats!

    My vote on tights is to wear them UNDER the leotard. Totally under for fairy princesses … over is only for dance rehearsal. ::nods::

  2. I love, love, love when this happens, especially when it’s something about yourself that manages to turn your day around. Congrats.

    Speaking of costumes I too am wearing a leotard and tights, but I’m going the jester route. I decided to wear the tights under the leotard simply because tights over time tend to slid down my legs and that makes my crotch look weird, so hopefully the leotard will prevent that.

  3. As a former child ballerina, I have logged countless hours of wearing leotards and tights (sadly, not an employable skill as far as I can tell).

    Tights under leos to prevent the aforementioned crotch sags, and also so the crotch gusset in the tights doesn’t show. Whether to wear underwear under the tights under the leotard is a debate that rages on…

    And congrats on the awesome moment, no oreo tastes as good as feeling hot.

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