Things, October

Guess What? I don’t really like massages. I always think I do, and then I get there and I’m trying to relax and breath through the pain of having nobby fingers drilled into my sensitive flesh. I very much enjoy facials, and I haven’t tried a wrap yet but I think I would be ok being soaked in mud. I’ll get back to you on that.

The hot water has been sorely lacking in our apartment for the last week, which really made coming home from surfing a tad unbearable. Shivering, salty, and now lukewarm water? Well for fucks sake.

Kamel’s been gone every evening Mon-Thurs last week and this week and it will continue for next week. This makes me either incredibly productive or horrifically lazy. Last week I spent 3 hours writing one night, and then the next spent 3 hours catching up on Greys Anatomy. Every day I say I’ll clean the bedroom and I don’t. I’m not sure what this says about anything in particular.

This week I am insanely grateful for: Internet at work, my hair cut on Tuesday, clean socks, having a partner who supports me beyond what I would ever ask for, Target (just because, we didn’t even go there recently), my ability to throw away un-eaten candy before I eat it, cooler weather so I can sleep under the weight of many blankets, and a remote that works. Hallelujah.

I’ve decided to start applying for teaching position in the spring for next fall. I am terrified that no one will want to hire me and I will continue the awful cycle of no viable employment (temping doesn’t count, c’mon now). I’m saying this here so that I will actually follow through with it and come March you can ask me if I’ve started sending out application packets and getting it all put together and if I’ve said no, please try to poke me into action. Use force if necessary. And! If you happen to be a reader who works at any sort of University or Community College in any part of the United States and happen to have any sway in the HR field – give me a holler. I can teach anybody how to write a kick ass essay. Booyah.

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  1. There are few good sides to the weather turning cool, but one of them is cuddling inside a few warm blankets. I like being cocooned, but in the summer it’s just too hot.

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