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This is the official launch of the Lust List Tab. The Lust List is something I was doing on the old blogger blog that I would like to improve, expand, and organize better. As always, I’m looking for more reader input, and to make the blog work better for the reader. It’s always frustrating when I see something I really love on another forum, and then 3 months later can’t find a link, can’t remember the brand or the store, and have to spend 20 minutes searching through weeks of pages just to find what I’m looking for. It’s especially troubling when I keep getting interrupted by my boss’s demands to actually get work done. I like things simple and quick so my time-wasting can be efficient, I tell you!

The Lust List started out as a way for me to continue talking about fashion even when I was so incredibly broke I couldn’t partake in anything fashionable. It’s also a way for me to justify my ridiculous online window shopping habit (often taking place while at work… ahem). But now I want to make it even more useful, expand my knowledge of independent designers, artists, and awesome creative folk. I also want to promote local artists, so I’ll be highlighting the cities where these awesome finds are located. And please, if you know of any great sites that I don’t use, list them in the comments. If you’d like to give a suggestion (maybe someone you know who needs their business to boom), list them in the comments as well.

I do love my department stores, I love Nordstrom and Anthropologie and Gap just like the next guy, but I also love buying from the undiscovered gem, the designer who has people asking me “where’d you GET that?!” and then my answer isn’t from the usual locale. I hope you all get some good use out of these lists. They will all be available immediately at the top of the page under Lust Lists, and organized with the newest on top. (Something to think about with Christmas and Hanukkah (holy crap) just around the corner).

And of course I can’t talk about Lust Lists without giving you a few gems:

Check out this amazing dress by She Bible. (And thank you Margaret for turning me on to these classic San Francisco designs.) This exact dress is unfortunately sold out right now but you should peruse their site for some kick ass clothes that work for so many body types. I need to hurry up and own something from Deirdre Nagayama and Stacy Rodgers before they make it so big they become national and then I forfeit my “where did you GET that” question because, duh, everyone will already know. They have a ton of new fall stuff right now, too, so go look. You might just have to buy yourself an early holiday present.

This statement necklace completely blows my fucking mind. It’s a Fabienne Black French Lace Necklace…. that’s right, it’s made out of lace, and maybe I’ve lived in a hole until now but I’ve never seen this done before, and I’ve never seen something so incredibly dainty and elegant. Plus, I really don’t feel like this would slide around much and get all catty-wahmpus. A large perk when dancing the night away, as I am often in the mood to do. You can find Karin’s designs in her Etsy shop, and she is another designer from San Francisco.

Hopefully these posts will be fairly frequent as I am constantly stockpiling a list of goodies to share. Three cheers for the shopping stimulus plan!

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  1. Love this idea. I’m guilty of looking at shopping sites way too often (and sometimes at work…shh……), so I can’t wait to see some of these posts. PS- that necklace is rad.

    1. OooooOoo if you do order something from there – let me know. I would love to hear how their stuff fits in real life I THOUGHT I saw a girl wearing one of the creations at the office and it looked great on her non model type body (like everyone else). So that got me excited.

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