Hey There, New Friend

Well hello there. You look lovely today. Nice to meet you. Come, stay awhile, leave a comment, come back again, all of that.

I am getting a lot of hits today because I am an intern at A Practical Wedding, an amazing wedding blog run by Meg. I’ve been editing, being supportive of, and assisting Meg in all of her todos, for about the past 3 weeks – a month. I’ve been blogging since 2004 on a variety of levels and formats, and just recently moved everything over to WordPress after deleting my entire blog last August and starting a-fresh (in order to erase most of my early 20s angst).

This blog is not actually about weddings, although I am getting married July, 16 2011, so there will be stuff about all of that business. I write because I seem to have this knack where I say the things that a lot of people think, but never say, or feel and don’t know how to say. In other words – I am the voice of the people, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. No, I’m joking. A lot of the time I end up sticking my foot in my mouth, or a very large cookie, depending on the situation. I am also a writer, and I talk about that, and a life-lister, and I talk about that. Life listing helps me stay interesting, so I feel it is a perk for all. You can check out the Life List tab above to see my list, and add your own at the bottom.

I also very much enjoy fashion and design (does anyone seriously DESPISE fashion and design? Who doesn’t like pretty things?) so sometimes I write fashion posts about things I’ve discovered or am struggling with or have an opinion on. Like skinny jeans, makeup, and most recently SALES. I know it may be a shock to some of the new people (and probably some of the old) but I was not a sale shopper until just a few months ago. Sometimes I just wouldn’t shop at all instead of shopping in the sales area. Why? Who does that? I must have been insane, but thankfully my love for buying stuff won out over my snooty background.

Anyhoo- if you would like to get to know me a little better you can check out some of my favorite posts: Here, here, annnnnd here. Please, feel free to comment. I enjoy new opinions, the internet is inspiring that way.

12 thoughts on “Hey There, New Friend”

  1. Hello hello miss Lauren! I just read a bunch of your posts and I have two things to say: 1- you’re a lovely writer and 2- I think Kamel and you and Dan and me share a lot of relationship similarites. The night in shining armor thing? Check. The me snotty crying and worried about weight thing? Check.

    So, hi. Thanks for helping Meg!

  2. You guys are all making my day! thank you so much for taking the time to hang out here for a bit. I never thought that anyone who wasn’t related to me, and therefore obligated to read this blog, would actually find enjoyment out of it. SO THANK YOU!!!

    1. You’re a special case Margaret. Also – I’m linking you on a post for wednesday. WOO! and everyone should look forward to THAT cuz Margaret is pretty freaking awesome.

  3. Lauren, you are awsome… and not just because I have known you for a while, but because you are really an outstanding writer. You and Kamel make a great couple and I look forward to seeing you write more.

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