Engagement Photos: The Reveal

The previous blog that went up about engagement photos on Tuesday was actually from about two weeks ago. Meg from A Practical Wedding had me hold on to it so she could use it for the Undergraduate Series I’m doing over there. So if this seems like a fast turn around – it is. Just not THAT fast.

As I wrote before – I was super, super, super nervous that I wasn’t going to like these. So when they popped up in Kamel’s email, a wave of nausea swept through me, and then a massive amount of adrenaline that had me jibbering like a crack head. I had him screen them before showing me his favorites. (Note: Please excuse my GIANT arm in the photo above. Yes it may be one of those things that only I can see… but holy crap)

The entire time he was picking out his favorites, Kamel was dealing with my intermittent begging, “Ok, just show me one. ONE, Kamel!”
And he would reply, “No. Just wait until I’m done. Ooo… that’s a really good one. Wow, these are actually pretty good, Lauren, I’m impressed.”
And then again I would chime in, “You are KILLING me here! Just one! But make it a good one! Not one where I’m fat, make sure I’ll like it. Eeeeeee I’m so nervous. Are they bad? Just tell me if they’re bad.”

And when I finally did get to see them, I was relieved. We don’t look nearly as awkward as I worried we would. Their weren’t even that many double chins. (There is totally one where I have a MASSIVE double chin from tilting my head funny (and sour patch kids), but it kind of almost just looks like a rogue strand of hair, I didn’t put it here but people WILL eventually see it. I wonder if they’ll be able to tell?”

But what did I tell you about the hoodie, eh? My mom commented that the photos were “rather casual”. Ah yes. I had high hopes, didn’t I? With dresses and collared shirts planned.  But the weather bestowed upon us hoodies, and we had no choice, but to take what was giveth.

And you know what? You almost can’t see how painfully awkward I felt at times. How much I wanted to run away and hide under my covers. And all in all, they turned out alright. And we even got a shot to use for our save the dates (not pictured here – sorry! I have to leave some surprises). So, ya know, I wouldn’t do it again (haha! I don’t actually have to!), and I don’t think I’d actually recommend it (Not at all the photographer’s fault), but I didn’t cry when I saw them, so maybe that’s good enough to call it a success.

22 thoughts on “Engagement Photos: The Reveal”


    The first one is my fave and I love that you wore hoodies.

    p.s. BOTH of you look amazing. you both lost mad weight no?

  2. So cute!!! And stop calling yourself fat, or I will smack you.
    Dressed up photos with costumes changes are SO last year. (Cause that’s what we did last year.) Tell your mom you’re on the cusp of a trend.

  3. Holy crap, these photos made me miss you two SO MUCH! I love the hoodies. I adore the first photo, of you laughing on the beach. I sort of think engagement photos are cheesey, but these don’t feel like engagement photos as much as they feel like “hanging out with Lauren and Kamel” photos. So, nice work!

  4. Ahh, I love them! Don’t put yourself down, you’re beautiful! I love the 5th one, where he’s like “Yeeeeah, we’re awesome.” It’s totally something we would do too. (We high-fived after our first kiss. So, yeah. :D)

  5. AAAHHHHHH YAAAAAAYYYYy finally!!! oomiigooosssshhh my FAVORITE one is the one of you guys in the hallway with your legs and but on the wall and clasping hands with kamel!!! its perfect!! And also the one of you by the wine barrels and the background fuzzy! 🙂 they are SO YOU GUYS!! congrats for the millionth time! I cant wait for july!!

  6. You two are adorable!

    And I don’t want to hear you hating on your body anymore, because you are itty bitty teeny tiny.

    Seriously. I would kill for your waist.


  7. These are wonderful! You look relaxed, happy, and lovely. I’m really sick of all the super fancy, full of props, elaborate location, “Oh, hi, this is really a fashion shoot,” engagement photos. These are photos you will look at and recognize the two of you for how you really are together (and how you really look right now). My favorite is the one with your feet propped against the archway.

  8. My size 0 friend (whom this happens to frequently) calls it “attack of the big arm”. Everyone else recognizes that its a normal side view of a squished arm except for the person in the photo who thinks they look ginormous. Your pictures are lovely and real. They don’t look awkward at all! You’ve captured this time in your life to reflect back on for years to come. Enjoy all the little moments along this fun journey!

    1. hahahaha I love this! just how my friends feel fat in sweatshirts or big coats when the rest of us are like “uhh… it’s a big poofy coat? not your body?”

  9. Chica, these are totally adorable. And your waist is amazing [aka teeny tiny]. Lovely. I just commented over at APW about the Catholics around me. 😉
    Now I’m wondering about what we’ll wear for our engagement photos! (Included with the photo package, yo.)

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