Bridesmaid Sneak Peak

The weekend I went to meet with the Deacon (you’ll read about that tomorrow) was the same weekend I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Kathleen and Claire. Then, two weeks later I flew to Chicago to do the same thing with Maris. That was last weekend. Together, we would all figure out this bridesmaid dress dilemma in a way that made everyone feel comfortable and stylish.

None of these are exactly the dresses they’ll wear on the day, the color I want (yellow) wasn’t in the styles we were looking for. And some of the dresses were pulled by the helpful, yet sometimes misguided, sales people. Like this little number. You can’t really tell because I had my camera phone on the wrong setting so the brightness factor overwhelms your senses, but right up there, around the alter-like top that makes even the daintiest girl look like a line backer, is a come-hither key hole if I ever saw one.

I found this experience to be way fun because for once I wasn’t the one trying shit on.

I did not have to be stuffed into a dress 2 sizes too small, or chip-clipped into a dress 3 sizes too big. But, boy did I document my lovely bridesmaids having that very experience.

And then in Chicago, where Maris had checked twice that the fine bridal establishment was, indeed, carrying our styles – it took the receptionist 3 tries to find the dresses we were looking for. At first she sent us to the wrong section of the giant dress-holding zone and said “this section is where your dresses are” and walked away. Sadly, that was a falsity.

They had no record of the style numbers Maris had called in with, had no idea what we needed or what we were there fore, and when she FINALLY did find some of the styles, she left us alone in the ginormous dressing room to figure out how the clips worked all by ourselves.

Finally I had to go searching through the store to find said “sales woman” to ask her about alterations, how long it would take to order, etc etc. This was absolutely not the experience we had in Seattle, where the store lady stayed with us the entire time, occasionally pulled different styles that were unasked for, but that she thought we would like, and had the styles we originally asked for pulled and waiting for us in our dressing room when we arrived. That’s the whole point of making an appointment.

Picking bridesmaid dresses seemed fun at first, the trying on part was definitely more pleasurable than wedding dress shopping, but wow was it stressful. I wanted great dresses that made everyone feel comfortable, but also were trendy enough to be fun, and classic enough to not seem goofy in 10 years. I agonized over the choices, not wanting anyone to be uncomfortable but also not wanting me to think the choices were lame. I think in the end we’ve picked a style that looks really great on everyone, that will fit the vibe of the wedding, and that the girls will be proud to wear and rock in the photos. Check another thing off the list!

5 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Sneak Peak”

  1. I loved bridesmaid dress shopping, I only did it with one of mine, but it was like playing pretty pretty princess with my own life-size dolls!
    I totally made her try on crazy ugly dresses. Cause I could.

  2. Gosh, you’re devoted Lauren! Flying to different states to do the trying on process! Also, yes, store ladies can be evil – I didn’t realise it’d be this bad with bridesmaid dresses as well as wedding dresses. Yeesh. You’re a trooper!

    @ Alyssa – Oooh, making the bridesmaid try on crazy dresses! This is a great idea! I just have the one bridesmaid (my sister, who thankfully lives in the same state as me) and I’m planning to hit up the post-Christmas sales with her and get her to try on approximately a million dresses. Or just, as many as we need to find a nice one. (My bachelorette will be a few weeks later, I don’t want to give her cause for revenge…)

  3. Awww, I’m a little jealous I’m not going to have this because I’m letting my ladies pick their own black cocktail dress. Sounds like a lot of fun, except for the Chicago saleslady abandoning you guys.

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