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Posts made in October, 2010

Lust List: Office Supplies

Yesterday I found myself struggling to get the PERFECT PICTURE of really adorable flower/polka dotted post it notes that I found…. on someone else’s desk…. and have been shamelessly using for two weeks. And then I thought: Oh my god, I had unlimited funds, or just the space for a nifty home office, I would have the COOLEST office supplies, just because I COULD. But currently I cannot afford to buy underpants, so office supplies, you’ll just have to wait.

I am a huge, crazy person list maker. And I’m old school about my planning. I like to write things down with pen and paper, I like to write on sticky notes and then layer them in my planner with different lists about different aspects of my life. Because I am neurotic. But I also like little stylish things that make me happy. Like this planner from Poketo. It has a clover on the front which is kind of perfect and they come in many colors. Too early for 2011 planning? I think not.

Umm. Yes please. I want little faces to erase my pencil smudges. These would be so bomb if I was back in high school. Swiggity – a – sweet, I say. They are by Fisk and Fern.

And now I bring you…. the pens I would steal! If I ever saw these! Ever! In the office! Especially the cloud one. Actually I want 12 of the cloud one and I want to be able to give them out as gifts to people who are having shitty days. YES. You can buy a bunch of these over at Poketo, yet again, cuz they’re awesome.

And then there is this desk over at the A+R Store – one of my favorite places for Christmas
presents. This desk is so incredibly perfect for people, like me, who just want a nice work space, and who don’t want too man nooks and/or crannies, and who want all of their cords to stay far far away from them at all time. Yes. Bring me this desk (and an office please), there is work to be done.

And last but not least – Pencil Tips from Schooled. Because 1) they are number 2 pencils, the pencils preferred by everyone, everywhere (Yet no one really knows why) (oh it’s about lead firmness, but no one cares) (except for the testing machines where you have to fill in all the little circles and then it is someone’s actual job to run the dotted papers through a machine all day). And 2) They have cheesy sayings on them. There is nothing, nothing I tell you, as good as cheesy sayings paired with math. Kind of like how Mathletes is the perfect fusion of those two principles.

School supplies: Not just for kids.


The Deacon

I went up to Seattle a few weekends ago to meet with the Deacon who would be, hopefully, officiating our wedding. We’re getting married in my Catholic high school chapel, which doesn’t have a parish attached to it, so you have to find your own catholic-approved leader of the pack – er – official marriage announcer. Also, with Catholic weddings, there is a bit of “marriage prep” required before the big day, and that needs to be done by a Priest or Deacon. Kamel and I are down with this, we think it will be good for our relationship AND personal growth. In other words – free...


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Bridesmaid Sneak Peak

The weekend I went to meet with the Deacon (you’ll read about that tomorrow) was the same weekend I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Kathleen and Claire. Then, two weeks later I flew to Chicago to do the same thing with Maris. That was last weekend. Together, we would all figure out this bridesmaid dress dilemma in a way that made everyone feel comfortable and stylish. None of these are exactly the dresses they’ll wear on the day, the color I want (yellow) wasn’t in the styles we were looking for. And some of the dresses were pulled by the helpful, yet sometimes misguided, sales people. Like this little number. You...


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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Last night I flew back to San Francisco from Chicago from a quick weekend trip and I have got to tell you – that was THE WORST flight experience of my entire life. Now – I went to school in Illinois, spent a summer in NC, Have flown to Boston, Nashville, Denver and more times than I can count up the coast from Seattle to SF, Palm Springs, Anaheim, and Pheonix. I’ve been to Paris, and Mexico. And there has never been a flight like this. Ever. I’m pretty easy going about flying. I like the holiday hoopla, I don’t mind long lines, I get to the airport early and would take all my clothes off if they asked because I...


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WW Sucess!

I have been battling some FIERCE pms this week. It’s weird how some weeks you can be totally fine, like “oh, is that my… period calling? how quaint!” and other weeks it’s like “I’m going to rip of your head and spit in your neck if you tell me to calm down ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKING TIME SUCKA!” And yesterday was a rough day. The kind of rough day where on the drive home I thought, “Eff Weight Watchers! And screw Dinner! I’m going straight to walgreens  and gorging on oreos.” When I got to the apartment, though, their was a package containing my leotard and tights for my...


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Who the hell is she?


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