I tried to take audio of the horrible horrible squeaking, nails on chalkboard noise coming from the bus this morning, but of course the minute I hit play it stopped and never picked up again. Consider yourselves lucky.

I was hit with a massive “your life is boring, you have nothing to write about” club and then I whipped kamel (and me) into a cleaning frenzy so I could finally show you all the new apartment in (most of it’s) finery. I’ve also, once again, got the traveling and exloring and adventuring bug so now Kamel and I are planning a little weekend excursion to the Russian River complete with some canoeing action. Hilarity and Ridicu-losity should ensue. I like to throw myself into semi-dangerous, if not merely anxiety prone situations for your reading pleasure.

Plus! Kamel’s 28th birthday is fast approaching (sept 17) and I have a little something-something (or a few something-somethings) up my sleeve for that weekend. Updates when appropriate.

As the internet now knows there were major lay off at LucasArts on Wednesday. Kamel isn’t allowed to talk about it publicly but I AM! So HA! It was an incredibly nerve-racking, emotional day for both of us. Thankfully, Kamel still has his job in a greatly reduced company. There were so many of you sending well wishes and checking up on the situation that I really need to say thank you. All those crossed fingers and toes really paid off. I’ve never gone through anything like that, never known anyone to go through anything like that, and I really never ever want to do it again. But I’m sure we will. I’ll get my breath holding techniques down real good.

At 5 oclock today a three day weekend begins. Hooray!! We don’t really have any plans. I’ll probably stay up too late, wander around in my sweats during the day, go play outside for hours at a time, forget to put on sun screen and even with the thick fog discover I’ve magically burned the tip of my nose. I’ll let you know if anything noteworthy happens.

2 thoughts on “Things”

  1. Oh my god. Ask me about the Russian River canoe situation. Perhaps I can help you avoid the experience I called, "Like being a prisoner of war" in the middle of it. Besides, Russian River is one of my areas of expertise, for whatever that is worth.

  2. I will! I was thinking "oh nice canoe ride, that sounds lovely" until Kamel mentioned, "and they let us do it by ourselves!" and I thought… huh, why is this noteworthy?

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