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I mentioned on the opening post of the new site that I had a life list and that I would need help achieving my life list-ery. And I already know – some things just take money, some things just take patience, or an apartment that allows pets, or ya know – having one baby and then having another one, that sorta thing.

But some other things, maybe you can help me with. Are you a tattoo artist? Would you like to draw a tree on me? Are you in publishing? Would you like to give me a job?

And maybe you need my help? Maybe you need me to edit your manuscript that you’ve shoved in a drawer for 5 years. Let it out, let it see the light. Maybe you too would like to have surfing lessons and you know where to go where they give you wet suits and the boards and the hot instructor named Brok and all you need is a buddy (that buddy can be me, I’m a really good buddy).

The more Mighty Girl talks about her Life List Community the more I want to be a part of it, the more I want everyone to be a part of it. She was lucky enough to have a portion of her Life List sponsored by Intel. Normal, everyday people like you and me don’t get to have our hopes and dreams financed for us. But maybe we don’t need that. Maybe that was just a jumping off point. Maybe we can all sponsor each other’s Life Lists, and then not only would we be able to fulfill all of those amazing hopes, dreams, and goals, we might be able to tag along with someone else on their awesome adventure. And that would be such a gift, really.

So in order to continue the awesomeness that I heard about, read about, dreamed about at Mighty Summit, I’m going to open up comments on my Life List tab. This is a place to offer help, ask for help, ask for guidance or just root each other on. If you have a life list posted somewhere else, link to it. Or post a few items you’d like feedback on. Even if one person is helped, even if one person helps me, even if I can help one person – it’s going to be a lot of fun and totally worth it. Don’t be shy. Let’s forward the community of awesome.

10 thoughts on “Lauren Life List Tab”

  1. Ok. Obviously I volunteer to help on most of your life list things. Except for the babies. I think you’re gonna have to rely on Kamel for that one. ANYWAY. I think an easy one would be you coming to Minnesota next summer and going to a Twins game. New baseball stadium! With Vanessa! It would obviously be super fun.

      1. Yay! And hey, it makes the trip a little longer than necessary, but you could swing by the Grand Canyon on this road trip to MN. And then on the way back you could stop at another national park, via another route! It’d be a whole Life List vacation.

  2. Ok, I am down to get a tattoo with you the next time I’m home, and an act of kindness…
    We can always try and find a rally in DC in the spring, since I’ll still be here! Free place to stay, lady!

    1. yes! i realllllly wish I could go to DC on october! I was seriously surprised by the prices.

      And tattoo buddies? I’m impressed Diana. Rock on. 🙂

      But where is your life list darling? What can we pitch in for you on?

  3. This makes me inspired to make a Life List too! I have certain things I know I want to do, but I really need to get them all written down!

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