Surprisingly warm days

Clean floors so shit doesn’t stick to my barefeet

The boyfriend who keeps his job even though 1/2 the company gets laid off (pours part of her 40 on the ground and says, “for my funemployed bitches”)

More storage

Finally, a good night’s sleep

Hair accessories

New co-workers who rock my socks

Smart, funny people

Compliments (more compliments! (I love your shoes))

Painted toes

Mexican food

All the people who view this blog (you make my whole day, do you know that? For reals)

The guy outside who just hawked the biggest loogy I’ve ever heard and the moment of silence followed by extreme giggles from our party of two in the living room

2 thoughts on “Happies”

  1. hahahahha the loogie story is my favorite! plus it finally solved them mystery of HOW exactly do you spell loogie!? hahahahha I LOVE YOU LAUREN and miss you every single day!

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