Dutch Oven

Maris: are you going to register for any dutch ovens or anything? you totally should.

Me: I don’t even know what that is.

Maris: ….

Me: My big dish is a scramble maris! We eat cereal three nights a week!

Maris: [link to william sonoma dutch oven pictured below]

Me: ohh. yes. well my dad loves that shit. he collects that brand.

Maris: hahahaha you should register for one of those so i can be really super jealous. I’ll give you a bunch of recipes to make in it!

Me: i honestly don’t know. Like it would be nice to have down the road, and I guess that’s what a registry is for right? to like set up all of the expensive things you need for your LIFE. but at the same time I honestly don’t think I would use it in the next 5 years

Maris: i think you should register for it now because YES you’ll want one someday, and it’ll be expensive and you won’t want to buy it! And I can give you starter recipes! Soups and stews and braised short ribs and stuff!

Me: You’re a dutch oven

Maris: Your face is a dutch oven

Me: Your butt is a dutch oven

7 thoughts on “Dutch Oven”

  1. Well, even though you already have a face for a dutch oven, I think you should get a real one. Granted I love to cook, so it’s a different ball game, but they are SUPER great. You can cook chili and soup and awesome desserts and all kinds of crazy cool things in there. They actually make life simple…I promise. Plus it’s so preeeetty.

  2. I love my dutch oven. You’d be amazed at the crap you can cook in there, and I have a medium sized one.

    Also? I’m a little sad that no fart jokes were made in the making of this blog post.

  3. Wait. Why is the assumption that YOU’LL cook in it?

    We have a dutch oven. I’m pretty sure we do, at least. I’ve washed something like it. But maybe it’s something else. Hard to tell.

    1. hahaha because Kamel (bless his heart) doesn’t believe that raw chicken has harmful bacteria and will touch the chicken, then the tops of seasonings, then the sink hot/hold knobs, then the handle of the refrigerator and all the while I’m running behind him with Clorox wipes. So he doesn’t get to touch or use the fancy kitchen toys… except the waffle maker because WHERE ARE MY WAFFLES, SON?!


  4. HA! I was coveting one of these but afraid to register for too many “big ticket” items, so I registered for the cheaper, stoneware version of it. And, no one bought it for me, anyway.

    So, after the wedding, my MIL bought me THIS one.

    And, I recently checked my registry, post wedding? Someone bought me the other one, too. Haven’t gotten it yet.

    Whoops. πŸ™‚

    Lesson learned: register for the item you want. πŸ™‚

  5. Finding you through APW (like probably 3 gazillion other people *grin*) and I’ve never cooked with a dutch oven but I adore my crockpot and think everyone should have a crockpot. I like cooking sometimes, but mostly it bores me–you have to chop the things, and then pick seasonings that go together, and then you have to, like, stand there and stir them or baste them or flip them or I don’t even know. So my crockpot is perfect because I put some stuff in it in the morning, dump some tomato sauce or teriyaki or wine on it, and at dinner time there’s this hot tasty meal. It’s like magic.

    Also you can plug it in anywhere, if you’ve ever wanted to cook dinner in the bathroom.

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