Yoo Hoo!

I’ve been away from the internet for too long. First it was because Maris! the Lawyer! came to visit from chicago. We window shopped, bar hopped, wine tasted, ate amazing food, and …. played WOW. Yes, that’s right, World of Warcraft is now on my computer and you can find me running around in Misha realm. Oh god. I’m being soaked in nerd. And it’s not even from Kamel, it’s from the secret nerd life of maris (maris, I’m publicly outing you! Embrace!).

I’m also switching up offices at work and right now we have a TV, but no computers. I’m behind in my blog writing, in my blog reading, in my emails, it’s awful.

So to keep you entertained while I get my internet shit together, here is a video of maris and I at the Giant’s game:

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