Fashion: The Skinny

So I saw some shoes in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog. Not just any shoes, but the coolest shoes I had seen in forever, and I even had the guts to want to buy them. The problem? These shoes required a certain kind of pant due to their amazing ankle cuff. The type of pant they required?
 Skinny Jeans.

Or Skinny Pants. Or any leg covering – not tights – that had the word skinny some how associated with them. The type of pants I have runrunrun away from ever since I saw a glimpse of them on some skinny girls amazing body. Because in my world, I have a butt and some thighs to match. And I just thought…. pants with tight ankles are doing me NO favors. But the shoes people! The shoes! And they were on sale! So I just had to try. I went to twitter first. Where I always go for fashion advice.

And then guess who replied! None other than mightygirl herself. She suggested Express or the Limited. And when I went to and guess what? They TOO were having a sale! Just on jeans! 30% off! And so I did. I bought two and had them rushed so I could do a little try on and return if they didn’t work. Meanwhile the amazing! shoes! were on their way! from nordstrom! And suddenly I think I’ve gone over my quota for exclammation points today. Hm.

So here I am. an actual owner of the skinny jean.

Here is the lowdown on the skinny. If you aren’t skinny, go with something that has stretch. Something that borders on tights but isn’t actually the jean tights I look upon with skepticism and fear. This pair is actually amazingly comfortable and, unlike the second pair I purchased, I can actually pull them up past mid-thigh. They don’t cut in, meaning there is no muffin top to be found, and they don’t actually make my butt look any bigger than it is. Plus they were about 1/3 of the price I usually spend on jeans. They do scrunch up a bit at my ankle, which is fine for a casual look, but doesn’t completely function with the amazing-cuffed-shoe situation. Right now I roll them to get them to sit flush, but I’m still working on it. Pictures and discussion of said cuffed shoe will have to go into another daring shoe post, I’m still working on how to rock the look. But in the meantime lets just marvel at the fact that I actually bought a pair of these:

Pink socks and all.

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  1. Wow, what a bitch you are Anonymous! I think they look pretty awesome on you actually, which is no mean feat with skinny jeans. I myself recently threw mine away because they were just so f-ing uncomfortable…

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