Oh My

Well I had high hopes for filling last week with interesting blogs and book reviews (thrilling!) but then my life just spiraled into oblivion and soon I was on a plane to Seattle, napping on Kamel’s shoulder.

Saturday involved meeting with the reception event coordinator and the chapel cooridnator from 10-1, becoming remarkably overwhelmed by just how much everything was going to cost and just how much we all needed to do to really prep for this circus wedding. I began to imagine the Big Day as being stacked with a to do list a mile long, all before 230.

After the morning of wide eyes and deep breathing (while kamel bounced around the reception venue saying “I’m excited! I’m excited!”), we – meaning my father – prepped for an extended family BBQ so that my mother’s side could finally meet Kamel. Basically, the day was 5 days all crammed into one. Thankfully there was wine and beer at every turn, and we all coped nicely.

Sunday involved packing up my seattle bedroom to ready it for the pod, which arrived Monday morning. And thank god for Kamel, my father, and Claire who waited around for a bajillion hours for the pod man to arrive and then lugged (were currently lugging while I wrote most of this post) all of my furniture and boxes of books down three flights of stairs and into a shipping box. And now we wait until next monday. Ugh!! this whole month of moving thing has been a trial unto itself. My advice to anyone moving – as much as it sucks – do it in a week or less. The slow death of an apartment in favor of another leaves you furniture-less and with no place to sit or eat meals. It makes being home awfully lonely. But next week Kamel and I will really be home! Sitting on our couch! Cooking in our kitchen! And finally sleeping in my amazing pillow top queen sized bed. Oh the naps to be had!

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