Lust List 2: The Perfect Bag

Everywhere I look I see amazing clutches, briefcases, travel bags and purses. I don’t need them, I wish I did, I want them. I wish I could justify owning every single one of these. But I can’t, so instead I post them here. Maybe you can justify it? I’ll cheer you on. And then when it arrives at your front door can I hold it? Just once? Please?

That man just became 10x sexier holding that deliciously leather briefcase. It also comes in green and I want it from Jenny N. out of Austin, TX. Hot.

I wish I was this cool. Bright, happy, patterned day clutch cool. It would also be helpful to have those legs. I’m just sayin. This designer is aptly named Proud Mary and this clutch is only $60.00! Hooray!

Holy jeebus this is my favorite find – from Trakatan. In my imaginary life, this is the quintessential travel bag. Big enough to fit a jacket, an umbrella, maps, money, passport, and still have room to fit any shopping finds while away from the hostel. And! it’s so deep – how the hell are you going to get pick-pocketed? Dude would have to shove his whole forearm in their just to sift around. Amazingly fabulous.

And last, but not least, one of the greatest everyday bags I’ve ever seen, another total score by Trakatan. You’ve got to go look at the pictures on the site for this because it can be worn in so many different ways. Plus I love the little flap closure. Grocery shopping, walking through the park, or snatched off the table on your way to dinner, it works. It can be a city style backpack or an over the shoulder bag. And the clean lines, industrial edge, and fine leather make it perfect for any situation. Lustlustlustlust.

4 thoughts on “Lust List 2: The Perfect Bag”

  1. That, my friend, is no briefcase. Briefcases are hard, even if the outside is made of soft leather. Briefcases have locks. You have to lay a briefcase flat on a table to open it.

    My god, watch some Mad Men!

    And you throwing around the word "sexy" is not going to fool a generation of young, impressionable men to carry around–I'm just going to say it–MAN PURSES!

  2. hahah but i LOVE it and i think it's totally masculine just in a none east coast 1950s male oppression kind of way. 😉

  3. hmmm…I don’t know about sexy, but I totally picture that thing being full of bottles of interesting and delicious beer. That is the only things I can imagine a dude carrying around in a bag like that.

    “Hey you’re wearing a purse, man!”

    Haughty look; “No, its a beer carrier. Full of beer which I am now not sharing with you, because you made fun of me. Nyah.”

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