Room With A View

Yes, that’s right, I made a literary reference to a book written in 1908. BEHOLD MY LITERARY GENIUS. But really, let’s talk about me more, and not oppressed women in Edwardian England. Boor-ing.

Guess what I did this weekend? In a whirlwind of apartment viewing, decision making, and money spending, kamel and I have signed a lease for our very own apartment! I feel like one of those people who need to take photos of herself holding her keys. But I won’t. Instead let me show you the amazing view from EVERY WINDOW IN THE PLACE.

Oh yes. I live right by the beach, on a hill, overlooking the beachy parts of San Francisco. You want to come over, and drink wine, and watch the sunset in my happy apartment now, don’t you? I will make you nachos and we’ll have a grand time.

That funny little kitchen window thingy will be where I serve you food. And where I eat my cereal and gaze out onto the ocean as the fog lifts and the sun peeks out, starting its day too. It’s so cute, you could spit right? Just not on the hardwoods.

This is the dining zone, where my childhood dinner table will reside. It’s round and seats four. My grandmother has been storing it for me since I was 19 and now it will finally have a resting place. Huzzah! Behind where I am taking this photo is the living zone where kamel will store his TV and his couch (which I think has an ugly cover on it – hopefully soon to be rectified) and his DVD collection and his original star wars, epsidoe idon’tcare movie poster that’s signed by the artist. Somewhere in the apartment will be a lightsaber, and a clone trooper helmet, side by side with my art purchased in france. Isn’t combining lives fun?

More pictures will come in a few weeks once we are packed and then unpacked and set up.

So many highfives were exchanged about this apartment. We totally win.

3 thoughts on “Room With A View”

  1. you guys totally win!!! loooooooove the sun and the hardwood and the kitchen window is probably my favorite part! I will refrain from spitting (or I would get a mark, like we give out at work to the kids haha) loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! high fives all around!

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