Lust List: 1

We all do it. The online wishing, the bored at work dreaming. The online window shopping. If I had random extra money I would buy myself lots of random, beautiful, interesting, fashionable things. Instead of just dreaming about these items and then silently crying that I can’t buy them for myself, I’m going to share them here. And then maybe you can buy them for me. ha! kidding! you can buy them for yourself and then I will envy you and stare at your new items, found here, with such longing that it will become awkward and we will no longer be friends… ahem… On to the list.

How amazing would this be after a crabby day at work? Or when you’re sick? Screw the kids, I want one. Thanks Crywolf!

Because everyone needs more creepy in the kitchen and KRASZNAI Ceramics knows exactly how to do it. And as Maris pointed out: “if only it made little cakey arms and legs too!” We’ll just have to settle on ceramic ones.

Oh man. I love my hair things, and how sweet would one or two of these by Sleepictures be pinning back my unruly mane? I like to keep adorableness (ness?) both hip and chic – these clips are just the thing.

Go check out these great designers! Buy gifts for people or for yourself! Everyone loves presents – including me.

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