Lawyers Are High Acheivers

My best friend, Maris, graduated last saturday from the University of Chicago, School of Law. She received her doctorate and as a reward got to wear a funny hat:

and because she likes Kathleen and I, considers us fun and worthy people, we too got to dress up for the occasion.

During graduation I spent my time making fun of the lady reading butchering the graduate’s names and by playing games on my phone. But when it got close to Maris’s name, I readied myself to record history.

Kathleen was adament that we Woo-Hoo. I was less certain, but when the feeling strikes, it’s best to just go with it.

Later that evening we went to a meet and greet at Maris’s law school friend’s apartment, right on the lake near Navy Pier. I played rock band, drank free wine, ate free italian food and then watched the law students smash open a pinata. Wait. Let me rephrase: Watched as maris came running back into the party room, carrying smirnoff bottles that she blasted out of a pinata. Well done, my friend.
Later we went out to the FUNNEST bar I have ever been to. The dance floor was PACKED, everyone was singing along, and beer was cheap.

The day, the night – all were a great success.

Congratulations Maris!! I am honored I was able to experience it all. And now I’ll have backup when I threaten to sue people. Score!

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  1. I was walking down the street while reading this, and when I got to the part about the pinata I laughed for about a block. Strange looks from strangers aside, I think more attention should be called to the fact that there wasn't just alcohol, there was candy too (YAY) and b) I decided not to tap it like a little girl, which id why we reaped the rewards šŸ™‚

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