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A few weeks ago my co-worker and fellow writer/blogger Margaret had her friend Vanessa in town from Minnesota. They had plans for a baseball game in Oakland and a tour of the AT&T Park in SF – by far one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. Vanessa is an avid… AVID… Twins fan – she brought THREE Twins shirts with her for a long weekend, just in case Margaret needed one or she needed a spare. Thankfully she is far from obnoxious about her fanhood. This made her lovable. During our chatting on the car ride to happy hour, she mentioned their are only 30 major league stadiums in the country… and here i had high hopes of visiting 50 in my lifetime. Oops. 50 just seemed like a nice number. I have, in fact, been to several minor league stadiums, but I’m not interested in making this goal any harder than it is. So 30 it shall become.

Last wednesday I landed in chicago on day 2 of the flu. Not the best of scenarios. My college friend, Lauren Mig, and her husband to be met me at the gate. At home a Whitesox tshirt was waiting for me, along with tickets to that evening’s game against Detroit.

Looking pretty good for a 330am wake up call, a fever, and two flights. Although I have been to Chicago countless times I have sadly never been to a baseball game – until now. I’m going to have to admit I’m more of a sox fan than a cubs fan. I’ve been influenced. But I am really pretty lukewarm about the whole thing, not being from the city orginially. I just love baseball. I’m counting on Maris to get me into Wrigley one of these days. Or Amy or Katie or any of my college friends now living in the city.

It was the perfect evening for baseball. Mid 70s, a little breeze, the stadium could have had more butts in the seats, but it was a wednesday night. And then the Sox ended up beating Detroit 15-3. Beautiful.

After the game they showed the last minute of the Blackhawks game that sent them into overtime. On the drive home they won the Stanley Cup. People started honking and cheering on the streets. It was such a great night. There’s nothing like Chicago sports.

Add one to the life list.

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  1. Congratulations on being in the city during such a great night! Sorry that you had to see one of our baseball teams play during such a forgettable MLB season, though.

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