All week I’ve been trying to do these things:

– research Maine
– edit photos taken in Yosemite
– write a Yosemite blog (I saw a BEAR! I bet you want to hear about that, don’t you!?)
– write some more on the new novel
– write some other blogs about other interesting things (other interesting things not quite discovered but I bet you if I thought about it I could come up with something)

Things I actually accomplished:

-8 or 9 different levels of frustration (be impressed my head hasn’t exploded yet… it’s taken sheer will of force to keep it intact)
-I learned to kick ASS on this game called Black And White that Kamel has got me hooked on (he’s such a video game, mind suck DEALER, that one!) where you play a divine being and you have to get villagers to do what you want them to do. You can either be a good god or you can be a bad god and demand worship through FEAR. It’s so awesome. (NERD! RUN AWAY IT’S A NERD!)
-Had an amazing dinner and long chat with Traci who is always there when I need sufficient girly time.
-downloaded Yosemite pictures off the CD i had them developed on

I’ll try and be more productive this weekend. Ever since THIS LIST came out I feel more and more like I need to get my shit together and start busting out some pages. But isn’t this the same old tune? Write everyday! Except when you have nothing to say or something better to do… not a good excuse, Lauren. I know, I know. But that’s an entirely different blog.

This weekend you will be BOMBARDED with posts. Well… let’s just hope I get one out that entertains you enough to leave a witty comment. And then maybe I can write another that will be post dated for next week. And then guess what? Next week I fly off to Chicago (oh Chicago, it’s been too long hasn’t it?) and I’m sure stories will erupt from there. The drought has an end, my friends. The “when will Lauren be interesting again” drought. I see the light and it involves some peace and quiet and then some travel.

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