Fashion: Embellished Wedges

I have a graduation to attend this weekend! My best friend, Maris Jean Jager is graduating from law school and I am more than honored to attend. I’ll be writing about that day once it happens, but for now let’s talk about what I’m going to wear.

Last year for my graduation from grad school I bought two dresses. There were a lot of events and I figured, who needs less dresses? Not me. I’m always on the search for wearable dresses that don’t need an occasion to be taken off the hanger. But so far, I seem to only have the guts to wear things on very special occasions. Hopefully, one day, I can write a post about my amazing everyday dress find, but for now this post is about the clothes I have now.

So I bought two dresses last year and only wore one. The other one sat in my closet because it lacked some very important things. 1) a short enough shrug to make it “church” appropriate. Short enough because the waist on this dress is a little high. Kathleen – another bestie – got me a black one for my birthday, and instructed me on where to find other colors. So I ran to Nordstrom, a holy holy place, and got a cream one. I also needed 2) a pair of shoes. Ones that looked enough like sandals to match the bright and airy nature of the dress, but that were high enough to change the way my legs looked. The way the dress is cut, my legs end up looking fat and squat. Oh the glory of lift! (In so many areas)

Thank god for the Nordstrom women’s and children sale. Also for gift cards. A pair of amazing brown wedges by Franco Sarto, originally about $80.00 are now mine for about $50.00 and just in time.

I am generally afraid of big embellishments on most clothes. I’m a weeny about accessories and I like solid prints (not actually a print at all), understated elegance, yatta yatta – the truth is I feel lost with loud clothes (unless it has to do with my hair and then BIGGER BRIGHTER MORE FLOWERS!). But I feel like these shoes do it right. The wedge gives me lift without killing my feet, the stones and bedazzlement make me feel like a grown up, like I’m not running around in shoes bought at the teenage section of any department store.

By god, I think I may just be a lady after all. (After you ignore my just out of bed hair and the remnant of long forgotten toe nail polish, that is. Oh my, there’s still work to be done.)

5 thoughts on “Fashion: Embellished Wedges”

  1. They came in time!! I have yet to find a graduation dress, so perhaps we can take care of that bizness on friday as well 🙂

  2. hm… i wonder who could have taken these? Not I, as I was teetering on my tippy toes. Also – Agreed about good timing considering they were forecasted to arrive NEXT monday! It was just THAT meant to be. 🙂

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