An Affliction

I have an affliction. The symptoms are distraction and irritability and the sensation I have ants in my pants (that could be the restless leg syndrome, who knows). I am in dire need of an adventure, of travel, of sights unseen, of a vacation. The kind where you go somewhere and do the thing that you want to be doing, maybe it involves some quiet reading time on a balcony somewhere, or perhaps hiking to magnificent vistas – vistas not available at home, maybe some museums, some monuments, sunshine, good wine, that sort of thing.

Vacations are expensive. But what if I can be paid to travel? Paid to explore new places and see new things? All while doing something relevant to my career goals? That would most definitely be… the boss. Last week Kamel and I were tossing around the idea of living elsewhere, having adventures, seeing new things. His 9th year in San Francisco is fast approaching and neither one of us really want to be here for his 10th. I say this now, but in two weeks i’ll get an amazing job and want to stay here forever, but at this moment I’m antsy and frustrated and longing for something new.

We did just sign a year lease on a great apartment – an apartment that is currently empty but sometimes we go there anyway to just stand around, take pictures of the same empty rooms we’ve taken pictures of for two weeks now, and look out the window towards the ocean. We’ve already decided to keep fresh flowers on the dining room table from the farmer’s market and get a fish. These new adventures won’t happen for at least a year, after the wedding, etc. But in order to soothe my affliction Kamel and I have generated a list of Must-Dos before 2010 is over.

1.) Charter a boat
2.) Take Kamel somewhere he has never been (he’s always doing this for me, it’s time for me to show off a little)
3.) Go to Mexico
4.) Go to at least 1 concert
5.) Host a party in our new place

I guess now that I’ve written them down we’ll have to do them for sure. I’m already formulating several plans in order to distract myself from the constant itch to go somewhere new. So many lists and so many goals this year. It’s a wonder I have any time to be bored at all.

6 thoughts on “An Affliction”

  1. I have been similarly cursed!! But I love that yours expands to local newish things like the stuff on your list….I need to do more of that!!

  2. Wanderlust is the best and hardest of all lusts, I find. It can certainly nag and hang over your head, but it can also, quite obviously, motivate you. Check out the book "Grounded" by Seth Stevenson. If that doesn't kick your wanderlust into high gear I don't know what will.

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