20 Yr Old Me

While browsing the internet on Monday I ran across this blog right here she is doing a project where people write letters to their 20 year old selves. I have always done this thing, in really horrific, stressful, terrifyingly sad moments, where I imagine a future me coming and cuddling me, stroking my hair, holding me tight and telling me it really will be ok. I’m not so much a look back person, as a look forward person. But that is possibly because I’m 25 and what kind of past have I had? Highschool doesn’t count, nothing momentus or tragic happened there. College? Ok there was that, but really? I’m still moving, growing, discovering. But maybe that also never stops.

What I’m saying is, I don’t have enough input for a whole letter, but maybe some bullet points from 25 yr old me to 20 yr old me could have been helpful.

1. Your adorable black pumps don’t make you a grown up, even though you think you are on your 20th birthday as you teeter along in the parking garage in the bottom of your boyfriend’s apartment on the way to his car.
2. By the way – all he will do is drag you down so brace your self for it and don’t cry so much when he breaks up with you. It will make you so strong, you can’t even imagine.
3. Don’t stop running. It makes you happy no matter how frustrated you get with it and how hard it is. When you take breaks it’s just that much harder getting back into it.
4. Know that you are a writer before you are an editor. Don’t give anyone your good ideas no matter how much you think they love you. No matter how much you love them, love yourself first.
5. You have great hair – let the bigness flow.
6. Pay attention to where you apply for grad school. You will get in, so apply carefully.
7. Stop worrying so much. There just becomes more to worry about so why not take a break now and then?
8. Your arms do not look fat. You’re still telling yourself this at 25, so maybe if you start trying to believe it at 20 it might be easier.
9. Thank you for not being stupid. Keep it up.
10. I’m hard on you because I love you. Don’t forget to take vacations. It’s ok to sleep in.

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