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I used to have amazing pink and brown ralph lauren glasses that cost me about $400 because – hell0 – glasses are shoes for your face! And then i lost them. I think maybe they fell off my shirt in an airport, but regardless of how or why, they have vamoosed. I thought maybe I would find them when I moved, but no such luck.

I finally accepted that I needed new glasses, I brought this knowledge into my heart and swallowed it. Except I had two problems. 1) No money and 2) i do not remember my prescription (from right before I turned 23). So Kamel and I went to Costco where you can have both your eye exam and get new glasses for about $200.00 give or take a fancy lens or two.

Needless to say I was pretty apprehensive about the glasses selection at the local Costco. These new glasses were going to (hopefully) be something I would wear for years. I didn’t want some crappy wire frame. I wanted them to be *ahem* cute.

After the trauma of having my pupils dilated (ew, does anyone like that feeling?) I spent way too much time going from lighted glass case to lighted glass case, going back and forth between hiding behind my sunglasses and trying to find the best women’s frame for my face. But it was like hitting my head against a wall.

Do I want gross colors and crazy prints? Or ultra girly all pink and gaggy?

There was more leopard print and heart cutouts than I have ever witnessed in a Claire’s Accessories or in a cougar bar.

I was feeling myself start to settle and hated it.

Until Kamel suggested I try the men’s section. “No!” I said, “They’re going to be too big!” It was a shock to me that buying glasses is not at all like buying shoes. They fit the glasses to your head after you pick them out. Very much unlike my boot dilemma where if the shoe don’t fit, too bad for you. So yes, if you have a fat head or lopsided ears, the glasses people will help you! They will work many moons of magic. But in my case, the amazing Converse frames I picked out needed no adjusting. They were perfect.

Understated with just a touch, a subtle touch, of flare.

And I think the touch of masculinity plays off nicely to my usual girly fluff. I like ribbons and silk and poofy sleeves and ruffles. I can’t help it, I’ve been floofy since I was an infant, but these are sturdy and simple, like all my accessories.

Plus they have these tiny engraved stars on each temple, a Converse must, which remind me of my favorite tennis shoes which are now on their second replacement after I literally wore holes into the first pair from years and years of use.

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