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I have been searching and searching and dreaming and dreaming about boots that fit for years. I finally got the nerve to try them on (because the truth is what if I liked them? A good pair are hundreds of dollars!) when I got a stable job way back in September of 2008. I tired out the poor nordstrom man, demanding box after box brought out to me, just to realize I couldn’t pull them up, zip them closed or fasten them around my fat calves. The boots I could slide on, the boots the nordstrom man said were for larger calved people, didn’t have that “I just threw these on over a pair of jeans and ran out the door” look. They were supposed to be a little gapped around the leg, so you could either where those cute knee high socks that would poke out the top a little and a skirt, or slide them comfortably over skinny jeans, but on me the gap did not exist and they just made me look stupid. So I gave up.

Until I was looking at Mightygirl and what is this, the third post I’ve mentioned her? I should just be her best friend already and shut up about it. But anyways – I was reading this post and I thought why don’t I have adorable grey boots to be the finishing touch to my wardrobe? I live in San Francisco, I should have walking boots too! So then I posted some tweets:

I was hoping to get some encouragement from the internet world but it failed me.

But I was bored at work and on a mission so I headed to Zappos where I figured every boot under the sun would be available. And low and behold:

And plus, I received encouragement. All I really needed was a little nudge and those boots were purchased – in two sizes.

Zappos is amazing and expedited my shipping for free because they love me. They do. and when they arrived I ran to try them on because, internet, this was the day of reckoning, the day I would have to convince myself to buy skinny jeans because what else was going to fit inside my amazing new slouchy boots? The kind of boots that finish any outfit, in grey, because that’s not black or brown and that’s the color the lady on Mightygirl was wearing and she looked amazing and so will I!

Except not really because I couldn’t get the boot over the meaty-bits of my calf and I could already feel the circulation being cut off the harder I yanked and pulled until they got stuck.

There was no way I was sneaking anything between me and that soft, beautiful leather. They looked stupid and felt worse. On a happy note I have a year to return them to zappos for a full refund, so all is not lost. Except for my boot hopes and dreams. I’m still accepting recommendations on full figured calf friendly boots, but I need links and letters of reference. Until then I’ll stick to flats and my collection of tennis shoes.

7 thoughts on “Fashion: Boots”

  1. Your shoe buying experiences with Zappos really impressed me at how amazing their service is.

    If I was a shoe buying man, I'd totally use them.

  2. heh heh "if" you were a shoe buying man? Don't you mean "it is enevitable that i will be a shoe buying man because I'm dating lauren dupuis"??

    also thank you @kiangster for the amazing tip on getting boots STRETCHED to fit. Who would have thought?? Obv not me.

  3. Oooh, i've actually heard of boot stretching before! I just have chosen to wallow in my own misery instead of be proactive about it.

    And also, I've heard of a magical style of boot that fits even those of us with HUGE legs! Check out Steve Madden intyce and see how you like it (shoutout to Tina for the discovery)

  4. see maris, you seem to forget that you actually HAVE walking boots!! so obviously youve been proactive about something and can't quite commiserate to the fullest extent with lauren and her kind 🙂

    and KAMEL…..a shoe buying man!!?? like lauren said, im surprised youre not one already!! helllooooooo!

  5. Dude, story of my life. I’ve been looking for two years! Nada. I even have a $300 gift certificate to Shoe Biz and still nothing…. Let me know if you find something. Every girl in SF needs a pair of cute boots for walking that turns pants into magic pants.

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