The Year I Was 24

It is amazing, jaw dropping, how many things occur within the start to finish of one year. I’ve done these “The year I was ___” posts since I was 21. You won’t find them here since I started my blog a-fresh, but in a way it’s rather poetic to begin again on the day I turn 25. Everyone likes a nice, round number.

The day I turned 24 I put on my new pink jacket and went to work.

I remember it was a beautiful day and my parent’s were heading back to Seattle and it felt surreal because here it was: The Day. And there wasn’t any hoopla. That had all been taken care of the weekend before. I remember thinking that the following year my birthday would be in Seattle and how different it would all be. So that was April.

In July I moved the first round of things home with Kathleen as co-pilot, went to Naomi’s amazing birthday party, met Kamel and had a photo shoot.

I kept telling Kamel I wasn’t going to fall in love with him, and he kept saying, “ok” until one day I did, and he said, “I knew it.”

In early August Claire came back from Africa. Thank God. And I went to my first peer wedding. Congratulations Tricia!

It was beautiful and I cried. I also set up the apartment for me and Claire. We were finally in the same city and living on Capital Hill as room mates. Amazing. The dynamic duo together again.

In late August I turned in my Master’s Thesis, had a fabulous girl’s reunion in SF and read to a large room of my peers, professors, and parents at Grad Night.

This time my Dad cried.

In August Naomi and I took off in a UHaul and I officially left San Francisco. I was excited, I felt like I was doing the right thing. After a few weeks in Seattle and living with Claire, I started working at the bakery, pinching pennies and enjoying, really enjoying, my long distance relationship with Kamel. Bliss lasted until about October when I started feeling trapped and frustrated with Seattle. I wasn’t writing, I had no money, and no matter how I searched, I just couldn’t find any relevant work. My loan was looming and I doubted I could pay it, but I pushed it aside and tried to work harder. I picked up more shifts, I spent even less money, I was always conflicted. I remember a conversation with my parents around Christmas time about what we were all hoping for in the next year. I remember thinking I had nothing to look forward to.

In Late Jan. I checked the job situation in San Francisco and burst into tears while sitting at my newly purchased desk. It was clear I needed to move back. I planned the exodus for the end of February and on the 28th I loaded my car up and, with Kamel, drove back to The City.

This morning I woke up when Kamel came into his sister’s living room and crawled into the blow up bed to cuddle me at 6am. We made frozen pancakes in the toaster, Regina greeted me with messy hair and a sing songy “happy birthdayyyy!” Eric wandered out of his room with a zippy wrapped around his waist, singing to me on his way to the bathroom and Kamel and I danced in the kitchen.

For this year of my life I have made two goals.
Goal 1: Write every single day for at least 30 min. Blogs do not count. I don’t plan on missing any, but if I do, I’ll have to call it out on here. Root for me.
Goal 2: Run a consistent 6 miles. Right now I’m doing 2? Well, the point is, I’m starting and focused on achieving this one. It boggles me how some people can simply whip out 6-8 miles, no problem. That’s never been me. But let’s see if I can become someone like that. I have a year. And who knows where I’ll be at the end of this one.

8 thoughts on “The Year I Was 24”

  1. omg loooooooooooooooved this post! so interesting to see the hindsight about this year come flowing out πŸ™‚ especially being someone whoa witnessed it……

    your are beautiful. the end.

  2. recent natural disasters are evidence of an increasingly unstable year. the ineffable tragedy of haiti's earthquake and massive death toll kick started your 25th year of life, followed by an earthquake in chile so strong that it slightly (or significantly) altered the axis of the earth. that's like the planet giving itself a tumor. then there was the recent earthquake in china, then obama ended the ban on off-shore drilling, some 25 coal miners died needlessly this past week in virginia and an unusually potent volcanic eruption in iceland has blurred atmospheric visibility and halted european flights. the way things are looking who knows if you'll make it to 30 with your tub of twizzler's and your sex and the city dvd collection intact.


  3. That picture of you 4 girls with Kathleen falling down is so fantastic!! Blow it up and frame it!!! Happy Belated πŸ™‚

  4. I'm a bit behind on reading your blog, but this post was awesome. I always love reading what you are thinking and doing.

    PS you can TOTALLY run 6 miles. I am one of those people that can just run 8-10 miles BUT I had to work up to it. Once you hit the 5 mile mark you will be addicted. Addicted to wanting to see how far you can run. You will have the running bug! πŸ™‚

    You should run the half marathon with Nadja, Ann, Jackie, Willa and myself this October! πŸ™‚

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