Pump 3

Did you know that if you pre pay for gas because you want to also buy a bottle of water and you tell the attendant the wrong pump number it turns into a big fucking deal?

First, let me set the scene: on the way to work I need to stop and get gas, margaret is waiting in the car while I go up to the one-man box with only bullet proof plastic-glass and one of those bottom of the window cracks that you see in banks so you can slide money back and forth, but can’t quite get your handgun through for good enough aim. I can’t see my pump number from where I’m standing, but I can see the one on the other side. That pump number is four, the one next to that is six, I figure mine is three.

I made a gamble, I felt secure in this choice, I bought a bottle of water. I wondered if the attendant would have to walk the bottle of water through the side door of the attendant box, and around the corner to me, like how they walk your bag of purchases around the corner of the counter to you in Nordstrom. But then the bottle of water came shooting out of a hole in the wall, more near the ground than the window, and I scrambled after it while it rolled around on the gas stained ground. Curiousity soothed.

Then I walked to my pump to begin the process, and the guy in front of me is already filling is car with gas. Before I can even squeeze the handle, the attendant has run out of his box and is yelling at me that I paid for the wrong pump. I look up and mine is number one. Well fuck. Dude who is already pumping is number three. But really? If I buy someone else’s gas, good karma to me, and what do I care? So I tell the attended, “It’s cool, I’ll pay for his.” But he is very adament that I not pay for his, that, “You’ve messed up the whole system!”. Oops, my bad, let’s yell about it though. So instead of letting me pay for ten dollars of dude’s gas, the attendant gives me ten dollars in cash, credited the rest to my card and had me re-purchase my original amount at the correct pump. So lucky guy number three got 10 free bucks of gas. Today he gets a bingo and I get a very angry attendant. And a good friday morning story. Oops.

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