Oom Shaaanty

Yesterday I took my very first intro meditation class with my new lady friend chuck*. There will be more on the meditation experience as the classes progress (twice a week for two more weeks) and I may just graduate to intermediate. We’ll see. But as for now I am realizing that my soul resides in the middle of my forehead as a bright spot of light and that controlling your thoughts, controls your actions, and in the end controls who you are. (Did you enjoy the foot notes version of class #1? that will be free, except of course if you’d like to donate, there is a box near the door)

Today I exchanged some emails with lady friend chuck*:

me: ps. my mantra for the day has been “you are a happy, bright person”. hehe

LFC: mine is you are nice to everyone. there will be chocolate.

me: thank god you’re not super reverent about this. It would be so much less fun.

LFC: i bet that weird dude has been chanting ommm shannnnty at work all day!

me: I really really hope so. And I really hope I can not bust out laughing when we share our experiences on tues and I Really hope his friend is just as weird. I call that positive thinking. I’m embracing the hell out of their karmic energy.

LFC: One can not help but state the obvious when talking about weirdos. That dude was odd.

me: can i put this conversation on my blog? I can take your name out if you would prefer. Do you have a particular alias you desire?

LFC: ha. sure. hopefully the dude would never see if you don’t put the center name.
call me chuck. šŸ™‚

me: ok, but you have to be my lady friend chuck. full on “lady friend chuck said”.

And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “Oom Shaaanty”

  1. Meditation classes! Sounds like you're having fun with it! I've always kinda wanted to try that out…so thanks for updating on how it's going šŸ™‚

  2. Yeah – it's going ok. I think I'm gonna download some meditation stuff off itunes for my ipod. I think it will be nice for lying in bed or sitting quietly. I'm imagining waiting for the dr and zening out, etc. šŸ™‚

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