Life List: 3 Day Step 1

Step one is ordering the free information packet… (check!)

It also came with this awesome breast cancer promise ring that Kamel wanted to steal but bitch can get his own packet! 🙂

Next step = picking a year to do it, deciding on a city, and finding the money. Also – I need to start accumulating way more pink clothing. Who’s in?

3 thoughts on “Life List: 3 Day Step 1”

  1. my dad and i are doing it 2011… wanna come with us? we wanted to wait so lulu was out of school and such…

  2. That's awesome that you guys are doing it together! That will be so fun! Is Lucy moving back to seattle for sure after school?

    I'm not sure what city I will do it in yet or if it will be next year or the year after. It depends on what my situation becomes. But I'll keep you posted!!

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